Friday, April 10, 2009

thursday again

only today’s better because i have zero classes. ZERO! typing the sentence itself fills me with joy :D


physiology, i shall tackle you bright and early tomorrow morning okay. do not feel neglected… you can have my whoooole day tomorrow… i mean today… after i wake up that is.





i sooo failed at defeating physio and this turned out to be a pretty crappy day considering the prospects.

i woke up at almost 11 so there goes ‘bright and early’.

i had no water to drink and was too lazy to go buy some from downstairs because i knew i was gonna go down for lunch an hour later anyway. so i just didn’t drink until 12.

then i forgot to bring my bottle down to refill :(
sloth vs. thirst
sloth triumphs.
i did not go back down.

went to hang my laundry only to discover that somehow the washing powder did not dissolve. white specks all over my black clothes… or over all my light-coloured clothes as well but i couldn’t see it so i’m just going to pretend they are non-existent.

suddenly felt VERY lethargic. went to take a nap… merely hours from waking up T.T super fail.

jess called so i went out with her for a little bit (still thirsty here). spotted a desserts stall so i got some bubur cha cha. i have no idea why i chose that i just felt like it but obviously it was a wrong choice because bubur cha cha is thick, gooey and sweet. dumped it after a few spoons.

had to go down and climb back up (you would know why if you’re from firstcoll) to the photostat shop only to discover it was closed for dinner.

had to cool myself down so i went and showered (if you can even call it ‘shower’. more like a strong stream of water… a pipe over your head. yeah, my shower stalls have no shower heads. if you stand just at the right position where the water hits your toes from approx 2m high, its damn painful.)
people were occupying the stall with the strongest water supply (no fun ‘showering’ under a tinkling tap) so i walked over to the other end of the floor :(
then when i was all done and wanted to leave, i pushed the door out because you know how sometimes the door slot-lock thingy gets stuck cos the door’s not closed properly? anyway… then the door got jammed. like the doorway was too small or something. –_-“
and someone was outside brushing their teeth. not wanting ppl to find out i was trapped in the stall i tried opening it as quietly as possible. FAIL.
but i got out in the end. i’m here aren’t i?

then then then i discovered that ruth’s birthday bash is going to be on 23rd instead of the 24th. miscommunication. 24th is biochem day. hello 3 credit hours and loads to cram!
so it turns out i can’t go!!!!!
i was soooo looking forward to it too.
damn sad la.


tomorrow is bound to be a horrible day.

yesterday a whole lot of people ponteng lab (dry-lab = video-watching), me included… duh.

the lecturer was infuriated, vowed to report to the head of department.

i think we’re old enough to handle the personal consequences of truancy without such interference. it should be our right to decide what classes we want to attend… why oh why must they be so concerned about trivial matters like this? it’s not like we’re disrupting the class with our absence.

anyway, facing the music tomorrow. which is why i’m studying superhard for tomorrows tutorial (of the same subject). killer tutor alert!!

we’re done for.



-see ya-


ruth said... it..
just dont like the part where u cant make it to seremban...sad sob sob...but love u still:)
im soo proud cause im the first to read this...haha

Lisa ^^, said...

Em, second to read this then? Or second to comment. Whatever.

haha Our bathrooms have no shower heads either. And the water pressure is horrible. With 3 stalls you get decreasingly lower water pressures from the first to the third. So if you were unfortunate enough to be left with the 3rd stall, you'd have to stand mighty close to the (fungus-covered) bathroom wall if you wanna get wet at all. XP

What is it with public uni bathroom facilities???!!! >.<

xinli said...

i don't like that part either. T.T

i thought it was just us. the newer blocks have shower heads :(
they appear to clean the bathroom everyday but the fungus is perpetually there. if i ever happen to accidentally touch the wall (poor balance), i'm compelled to shower all over again. it's a sad sad situation.

which is why i'm moving out next year!!

Lisa ^^, said...

I'm still staying in.

Guess I'll have ta get used to the fungi. And develop my bathing-with-one-finger-against-the-wall-to-keep-balance skills. XD