Saturday, April 11, 2009

when the skies are blue


you feel you have to go out and jump around the garden, poke your nose into blossoms and annoy the cats.



i don’t have the greatest heart but it’s a happy one.



sometimes snails live inside.
if i were a snail, i too would live in a yellow flower :)



mucking with ginger.

i am not balding.
figment of your imagination.

really now,
i’m not.



how blue is blue?

how green is green?

how many bananas can i eat in one sitting? :D

to be frank,
the flower doesn’t really smell good.
it doesn’t smell of anything.
just aesthetically pleasing.



the things my brother does…




just because.

there’s beauty in imperfections.




it rained afterwards and i napped.
what more could i ask for?


- sniff -


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a nice post!! I love it VERY MUCH!! hehe *winks*

What cam r u using? The photos r very clear... N the skies are very blue indeed.. =)

N ur post is poetic.. wakakkakaa... =P

n how u make ur photos tilt side ways a? using html? it creates n enhances d feel of reading d post.. hehe.. =P

great job thr.. keep it up! hehe..


Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah, I was just about to ask how you do your photos that way??

Damn chunnnnnnn. XD

Nice pics babe!! Sigh. Wish I were home. It's Easter Week and I'm stuck here. Ish.

Anyway, Happy Easter!! :P

Hyma said...

awesome pics xinli=)..oh and ginger is oh-so-adorable=)=)=)..c ya around

xinli said...


it's a canon ixus70. this is pretty much at it's best, photos in bright sunlight. absolute crap in the dark (or it could be me haha.)

i don't know about poetic but the photos are tilted using live writer.

also, i can't help but think that you are someone i offended. correct me if i'm wrong... (and if anons ever come back)

anyway thanks really :))

nice isn't it? imma tilt aaaall my pics now.

ur always trapped in upm at the most unopportune times, poor thing.

happy easter all the same :)
bet u will enjoy it wherever u are.

yesss ginger is the most adorable cat in the whole wide world!!!! muahaha.

Anonymous said...

wow.... offended me?? did u?? when a?? hehee...

aiyoyo.. limmie limmie lime lime, forgot me dy? I've commented once in ur blog as Anonymous too. I'm Wen Yun the psycho! wahahhaa...

From now onwards, remember 'Anonymous' is me alright? ^^ hehe...

So now.. tell me.. when did u offend me? n who were u tinking 'Anonymous' is? wahahha...

btw, lisa is in UKM la, not UPM la.. wahahha... either typo or u hv short-term memory... muahahhaa...

take care gal... hope to see ya soon!! *muakzz*


xinli said...

eh, wenyun then put wenyun la... so mysterious for what. haha

apologies to lisa. no idea why i thought upm. kaka.


Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha due to stupid stupid STUPIIDDDDDD connection here in UKM, I am only just seeing this now and am no longer in a mood to get offended.
I'm just sooooooo HAPPY I got innnnnn!!!!

p.s: Wen Yun memang nothing to do wan. Always post comments on people's blogs as ANONYMOUS. She did on mine too. >.<