Monday, May 11, 2009

cats and moonlight




creatures of the night, we are.


“When you notice a cat in profound meditation,
   The reason, I tell you, is always the same:
His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
   Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name:
     His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name.” – T.S. Eliot



oh and btw,


ginger is shedding.
and that’s from only a minute of brushing.




ganas lion

(photo removed due to death threat)

delete my photos lah!
i wasn’t really gonna post any of them but now…
die die oso i post the one you left behind :P
but i made it a small one
(i still have a

her hair is sho the blonde now.




ooh ooh

did you see the moon on Wesak Day???
around… say 8pm




the moment i saw it from inside the car my mouth just dropped open. 
it was so humongous it would pop out from behind some rooftop or tree at every turn and wow me all over again.


it shrunk progressively into the night but twas still as bright as ever :):):)


so bright in fact, there were actually two rings of rainbow around it…
should i credit the rainbows to the brightness or the clouds? oh well.
(the centric circle of light isn’t really the moon itself, it was just too bloody bright to actually take one minus the illumination.)

i sat in my swing for quite a bit just staring up at the moon.

then my neck started hurting.


so i came back in to upload pictures and saw this…


by some freak of a coincidence, a bump in the road + my unsteady hands made hearts out of the lights <3 (they look like hearts to meeee)

if you’re wondering why there’s a pic of the road it’s because all the way back from jusco i was trying to get a picture of the moon but er… failed very very miserably

for example,

IMG_0844 copy



then a thought struck me :D
moonlight painting!

okay… this is my first attempt at light painting and my camera’s shutter speed isn’t exactly the slowest in the world so bear with me aight?







nice try, xinli.
nice try!


then my arms started hurting.






-kani is named-


Lisa ^^, said...

Ooh. Very very emo pics. Look good. I wanna emo pic too!! XD
Ginger and Marmite look soooo adorable. hee
And moonlight squiggles? I don't get that. What is that?? >.<

xinli said...

haha haven't been emo in a long while :)

with ref to the moonlight:
you know how when u take pics in the night with lights, singular sources of light turn out to be slashes across the pic when ur hand isn't steady?
well light-painting is sort of like manipulating that effect to an extent that you can actually use the light source to paint.
haha long explanation. get it? if at loss, visit my fave friend: ;)

also, my cats are ever the cutest!!!