Friday, May 8, 2009




today i found this on thecherryblossomgirl


adore the rustic yet delicate feel of this seemingly magically hewn charm.
the colours flow into each other so well you can almost see it move…


like it has a life of it’s own.



saw something similar on theclotheshorse a while back


gahhh… so nice!


thus i set out on a mad forage in the junkyard that is my room… i swear i remember i had one somewhere. my granduncle gave one to me when i was a little kid because i thought it was amusing. if you haven’t had the luck to chance upon one of these dear little baits, i’ll have you know the stacked scales allows it to flop like a real fish :)




after 3 mins…
i found it!!!
(i guess i know my junkyard well)





mine looks positively dead.
i think it’s in the eyes…
and it doesn’t help that it’s a garish green…
and the tail only has 2 fins instead of 4 :(
and and because i loved it so, i kept it in a little ziplock
so it’s as bright, shiny and gaudily new as ever!
sad wei.


but it holds good memories of bait boxes and wooden floorboards.

i might wear it.
just might.

if you see me somewhere with a gaudy green thing hung around my neck please do not question my taste nor sanity. i am merely sentimental.






apparently if you tilt it a bit… it looks more alive




-rosebuds and siu mai-


ruth said...

xinli im proud of u...u gv me something to read everyday..hehe
and urs is greenfish lah not gold..swt:P

Lisa ^^, said...

hahaha I actually think your 'green'fish looks pretty cute! XD

xinli said...

never said it was gold :P
and sorrylahh broke the streak today. lol. but it only means i actually have a life. haha.

like a clown- cute.

Anonymous said...

ur fish is so dead! kakaka