Thursday, May 28, 2009

have the swine flew?

cough, check. (gone now)
sore throat, check.
aching body, kinda.
fever, impending.
headache, not really.
chills, nope.
fatigue, yeah (meds).
diarrhoea, nope.
vomiting, nope.
respiratory problems, a little before i was even here.
sudden dizziness, nooo.
confusion, aplenty now!

what's your diagnosis??


i just googled 'swine flu victoria' and the number is 53.
(in case you didn't know i'm in victoria)


are you gonna ostracise me now??
is that it?

sigh, for the good of mankind, if i am not better by tomorrow i'm gonna camp it out here instead of heading back to the city to have fun with the peeps.

i is sad :(:(:(


on a lighter note[insert eye-rolling 'really'], i've word that the finals results are out...

it's like telling someone who has the bubonic plague that they finally know whether that wart on her nose is cancerous or not.

okay, overdramatising. but yeah you get what i mean.
tried to check online but it's not there so i guess it's unofficially out and plastered over the department walls where no one will see them (hopefully...) [crosses fingers and toes]


oh yeah and please pray for me touchwood in case it might be of the oink variety.

seriously. effing unopportune time to catch a flu, ya think?!
so many places i still wanna go, so many things i still wanna do.
please let me get better ASAP and please please please let me be better by my flight back else they'd quarantine me and then i'd really have something to blog about.

that is all.

-nooo, freddo!-


joanne said...

awh...sweety...u gotta be fine... i still wanna c you in our next gathering... must cum back asap after u have great fun there.... take care ya...

Lisa ^^, said...

Don't worry babe. I don't think the swine has passed you their sickness. You'll be fine. But I'll pray for you, just in case XD
Missing ya babe!!! :)

xinli said...

thanks sweeties :D