Saturday, May 2, 2009

it’s over



the semester

first year




i know it’s a short sem but it felt way shorter than it was… flew by like a… like a…  rainbow-splashed roadrunner with a leather jacket.

you know, ridiculously fast.




here’s where i bid a fond farewell to uni

(for a whole 2 months at least)






heterocyclic chem and drug discovery
last paper!!!


err… cos i think my messed up writing is kinda artistic. 



this’ll be the end of physiology.
don’t have to put up with shit like this no more.
just to be fair, it’s only this ONE lecturer who does this… but it still annoys me to no end. i mean, as if ‘plexus celiac’ and ‘motility gaster’ isn’t enough, you gotta throw in a ‘salur darah’ for pizzazz issit??.
he’s not even malay o.0




(spent on cramming… plenty more to come that will be spent on streaming videos of hyunjoong. wakakaka. i’m sorry i am such a stereotypical chinese girl)


relieving stress while stuffing my brain with info

yeah, this is probably one of the reasons why i have a fabulous complexion but heck care la. also, i’m eating it with a spoon because it’s melty. (heat, i hate you)
btw, something i was reading made me realise i am who i am because of the weather… all i have is overactive behavioural compensation mechanisms to reduce heat production. apathy, anorexia, lethargy.
seriously, i am not making this up.




even if they are just video-watching.


here’s the parasympatomimetic drug dry lab i mentioned.

initially i thought i would be grossed out but it’s pretty cool lah. and the scene pictured above is only 10% of the gore. though this one was considerably milder… the experiment before this was on a black cat! adds more creep in it :)
(it’s uncanny how they happened to use two cats that are the same colour as my cats back home)
they had to excise the trachea for ventilation, stuff a balloon in the stomach for gaster motility/tone measurements and attach a catheter on the femoral vein for i.v. administration. would’ve been cooler if it was a live demo but then that would just be inhumane :( poor kitty.  
sooo, we’re watching a video that was made 20 years ago.
DAMN CLASSIC I TELL YOU. the introductory and background music sounded like something from a black and white movie. lol. and the machinery used was omg big grey metal box with a bajillion knobs… as opposed to the computer programs we’re using now in wet lab experiments.

but anyway the cool stuff only lasted 5 minutes of the show… the other 50 or so minutes was spent watching pens go up and down.








yo, not-so-little bugger!

i contemplated holding it’s feelers down so i could find out what would happen when it flew away (or tried to). i know, i’m sick. but this bug is evil. as are all bugs… with the exception of ladybirds maybe because they are just plain adorable :) even when they excrete yellow gunk on your hand.



which is why i love this ant.
freakin amazing i tell you.
it was mauling the mosquito that’s >100 times it’s size and the fella was helpless!
kudos, little ant.


zy’s laundry basket.
oh so cute.




typical situation here at A305.
sometimes i feel like beds and sofas where invented for me.
plastic chairs, not so much.




will not be seeing yellow/orange/red food everyday again!
perhaps i will miss it some day… but i’m pretty sure it’s no where in the near future.

don’t ask me about my passport photo… total geisha, i know. digitally enhanced twice over (accidentally and not entirely by me). juniors will have trouble recognising me from the bulletin board next sem :P



i am thankful because from here on out, there will be…


no more stinky toilet from the smell of rotting food (why do people throw their food there???)

no more pipe-showers

no more imma-roast-in-this-room angst

no more climbing 3 floors up mutiple times a day

no more having to prepare small change cos the kedai runcit pak cik hates having to return change –_- last time i checked, we’re actually still paying him for stuff.

no more dealing with washing machines which don’t wash properly

no more walking downstairs to buy water because the water cooler water is gross

no more having to change into something ‘decent’ every time i go downstairs

no more ducking out the toilet seconds upon flushing because the water splashes. ew.

no more silent yelling at the racket downstairs (hello kompang, thanks for being there throughout the semester yea… you were mighty entertaining when i was trying to study. i appreciate it.)

no more clearing out the room for holidays

no more controlling jumping urges for fear of getting beheaded by the fan

no more toilet sinks clogged with remnants of food. (once again, WHY?? we have a pantry!)


no more coming back to dustland where dustbunnies are killed by dustfoxes who are hunted down by the dustmen who own dustmobiles and live with dustwomen in their dusthouses where they breed more dustkids who make more dust.




okay, maybe just a little.






i had a wonderful ending there with that picture but i just really wanted to say i love the white fence lah, i’ve loved it since the first day i laid my eyes on it  during registration day cos it feels like there’re horses and great expanses of green green fields within and even though there aren’t it just gives off a good vibe :):):)


-white picket-


Lisa ^^, said...

Argh. I'm jealous! >.<
I'm not done yet. Darn.
But ooh, your messy writing DOES look artistic!! XD
and your passport photo, although digitally enhanced, looks 1,000,000 times better than my non-digitally-enhanced-one-eye-obviously-bigger-than-the-other one. hahaha

ruth said...

love the last photo..hehe
seriously..its BEAUTIFUL:)
will miss u next sem during our walks and all:(

KenT said...

Hey geisha =)

"No more ducking out the toilet seconds upon flushing because the water splashes."

That's really somethin'.

Now wish me good luck for my exams. It's good juju. =D

xinli said...

stay strong! it'll be over in no time:)
also, i initially hated the photo because people assume i slapped on 5 inches of paint for it but it's grown on me. although, i don't think anyone in the history of humankind has ever gotten a passport photo that they were 100% happy with. hahaha.

you're just saying that because u took it! lolx.
next sem...sadlah ruth, sad.

what can i say... it's a powerful flush.
and that, is the first time i've ever heard anyone use 'juju'. i like it. :)

joanne said...

urghh... i miss ruth,... u too, and poh poh.. hmm, it just to me, all three of u must be together...haha.

xinli said...

commented on the wrong post? lol.
miss u too lah little singer!
oddly enough i haven't seen poyoh for over a year! ... i think.
hopefully that'll be fixed sometime during this hol :D