Thursday, May 7, 2009

jess’ convo – long overdue


i’m here to get some stuff out of my system.
i wish i wasn’t this way… i wish i blogged on time, i do i do.

‘so why don’t you?!’, you ask.

because… i’m xinli


aii, so here’s

           jess’s convocation slash fashion show

for ya!
if you haven’t already read it over at ell’s :)


mayang sari ballroom, j.w. marriot hotel
26th march
(yeah, march! told ya it was long overdue)


i can’t even remember all the details now. sobsob. but it was a great day…

behold, the photos~!



hello~ it is i,
xinli, the gorgeous.
(not in a bulimic way, more of a cannot-tahan-my-own-narcissism gag reflex)


ell came over to um and ferried me back to jess’s place so we could make ourselves presentable :)


and presentable we were!
please excuse that white mass near my left knee, it’s a shawl which i brought along because i was afraid of freezing but it turned out not that cold and so it spent the rest of the night pretending to be part of my bag but failing miserably because i evidently forgot about it’s existence and it remained a white jumbled mass instead of a ribbon or something nice like that :( :( can u tell i’m upset it’s there? oh well…
how cute is ell?!?!
then again, when is she not? ;)
love her skirt lah got pocket wan!


‘cause i er like macro shots?



hallo fellow camwhorer~
she was like “quick, quick, take a photo of me driving!”


so we got there… a little later than planned (because of the jam, silly, not because we were busy taking pictures!), but still early nonetheless ‘cause ell had to be jess’ personal assistant all over again. haha.


helping missJ set up her booth…
which was featured in TongueInChic okayyy~
not only is my friend glam but also geng chao! haha.


and here’s smalls of some of the other booths


DSCF2107DSCF2109   IMG_0200DSCF2111  IMG_0203IMG_0204

as you can see, most of them opted for black and white… so it'd look chic-er?
but it gets a little boring when everyone’s the same.



DatinLeong herself
do you or do you not love her dress?? it’s so holly golightly :)
i want one too!
sadly, there’s a high probability that i might end up looking like a lamp post.
(and why the hell is that guy behind us laughing at our asses???)



zomg cool people.
haha i’m such a stalker.



the fashion designers.
kay this was sneaked and they were posing for another cam so that is why it’s blurr.
fine, i have no skills…



DatinLeong again but this time with ell,
minus the disturbing ass-laughing boy which is now replaced by some crazy-hair woman (really now, very salah hair, that is) and some random blurry uncle

don’t you just adore the crowd?
ell and i had a ball just crowd-watching…
so many quirky, flamboyant gays and really cool/chic girls.



i just had to take one with eden!!!
he was oozing jihoo-ness :)

jihoo my love, where art thou?
will they not make season 2 of BOF?!



finger food.
yeah all they had was finger food… and some small dishes. i think the bestest was the swiss meatballs, that’s all. they even had bihun wth so kiam!



you can sorta see a little peek of the pumpkin carriage here… can’t believe i didn’t take a pic of it. it’s a display for some advertising or marketing grad. was really cute!! picture a pink pumpkin carriage loaded with candies and lollies.




here’s ell being photographed by some press people for a lenglui column.
hey, she asked to take mine too! :D i’m also lenglui. lol.



we’re both lengluis :D
elo teo, see pretty flower in head.
what’s that lady in the back pointing at, i wonder?
(fyi, today is noticing-the-background day)



here we are, all set for the convocation!
dude, that’s what my bro could look like in a year.
all fat, chinese kids with shorn hair look kinda the same. lol.



someone’s grandparents i presume
they ish a cute couple!

don’t know if i’ve mentioned it here before but my granpa still calls my grandma ‘darling’. sweet no? i want someone who’ll call me sweet things when we’re old and wrinkly too~



jess collecting her scroll from the principal.
aishhh… see people, get to walk down a runway for convocation [jealous]


there was a short break then the fashion show commenced!


as you can see, we didn’t exactly manage to get great seats… :(



i’m trying to include something from every collection and there are a lot.


ready, get set… GO!



can you say buh-ling buh-ling??
if you haven’t seen wolverine, this is what the diamond-girl looks like… except all over!
so chio, no?
this is from eden’s collection
(i’ll name names only if i remember them sorry i left the mag in UT)



run for your liveeessss~!!!
it’s the dark beehive monster!!!
but frankly this futuristic collection is tres cool, she got 3rd i think or 2nd… tak ingat.
(ok i checked, she got 2nd)



i like the lantern?



colours! for a difference.
liked this a lot… 'twas so adorable.
the red dress had a sheer bubble skirt that was really a bubble and it had a black feather boa inside that bounced with her every step. <3
not crazy about the blue tutu though.



inspired by the cut of diamonds… i think.


her whole collection was pastel saccharine sleepwear
…complete with bedroom slippers! :D



the mad hatter.
gotta love the the hair!



michelle’s melancholia.
this was the first place winner.
dark, it was.



loved this!
pretty iridescents :)
the rest of the collection wasn’t so great though…



err… no comment.



once again, no comment!
i don’t want to be mean :(
but c’mon now, what the hell?



um… i guess the previous one softened the blow?



this was one of the ones that stood out amongst the throng of dark corsets and all that black. would be totally cool if they had a WWI fighter jet as a prop!



sigh… black again.
didn’t remember this collection really but in retrospect it’s pretty good :)



tea with the bennets.
most wearable of the lot :)
i think all the normal unfashion people like me fancied this.



something aboriginal.
i chose this instead of the full collection because i wanted to say this model did not look good modelling. there i said it. i’m sorry, but she really didn’t.



sho cute!
this is jamie’s, an ex-schoolmate also.
there was this model who came out with a ginormous paper aeroplane which she threw into the crowd :D


eh i very tired edi…
still got more ah?


2nd place.
had something to do with paparazzis.
oh and the male model is hawt ;)






reminds me of the windows icon.
colours are not always good.




yahhh the hawt model is wearing ‘NEY’
throw a garish sack on him and it detracts from the hotness.
(are you scrolling back up to check? i know i did)



aaaand… last but not least,


poetry in motion
(inspired by the forms of architecture… this is where jessmine comes in i suppose :P )
it kinda looks blah here ‘cause you can’t see all the pleating and the details.
but it looks way better in real life! picture doesn’t do it justice.



the lot of us.


woah, this is a challenge… naming names.
tintin, marcus, siutheng, hayden, jess, ell, me, huili



finally, DatinLeong and family :D

i would say ‘congratulations’ but that is just wrong now. lol.




over 50 pics.

-fashion is for fashion people-


Lisa ^^, said...

Whoa babe. Long loooonnnggg overdue.
But wow. You girls definitely looked HOT XD
Congrats to Jesslyn then!! And wow, I do like Jess' collection. It looks cool. Waaayyyy cool :)

Lisa ^^, said...

p.s: Ooh, you guys look insanely HOT. *jealous*

ruth said...

lots of pictures indeed:P

xinli said...

contemplating whether i should be humble and deny our hotness or just thank you. think i'll pick the latter :) thanks.

sigh... don't waste ma. sharing is caring. hahaahah tak berkaitan langsung.

ruth said...

ya xinli soo tak ada kaitan:P