Wednesday, May 6, 2009

of walking home at sunrise


where do i begin?


i feel like slapping myself right now.

semi-completed this entry, decided to move back into the room and yanked the cable out… after which i realised the battery wasn’t in it. lost it all.
bravo xinli, bravo!

well, here we go again… 


this here post will be on my final days in uni (post-exams). final days… haha so melodramatic (that sounded better the first time i typed it :( sigh… when will i ever learn to save drafts?)

first off, MAKAN!! cos the last paper ended around 5 and by the time everyone was showered and good to go, we were all bloody starving.

destination: sushi zanmai
people: plh, kyy, sue, qliang, huili, ruth


kyy, you cute!
so glad you came in the end :)
whoever would’ve thought of skipping post-finals celebs??

remember last semester when the 6 of us crashed in our teensy room and talked into the daylight? then a bunch of you mad people went jogging in the morning…
good times!



ruthie and me
not the best pic of the lot but it’s happy!
my fringe is down!!!
that needed the exclamation marks because my fringe has not seen my forehead for almost a month already. lol. no kidding. after i shower, it’s clipped up before it even has time to dry because i can’t be bothered and that is nerdo mode hairdo.
so you know, it’s like a symbol of freedom, my fringe being down…
[cringes at lameness]
and i have no eyes.

which reminds me of this pic of us from fesseni…


yo, check it out!
biggest contrast ever.
even her brows are thicker than the slits that are my sorry excuse for eyes.

people often ask me whether there is a difference in field of vision between bigger eyes and slits like mine. the answer is… yes. when i truly laugh until my eyes disappear, the world is all a blur. i credit that to my atap lashes as well.


the food :)


i have a thing for salmon roe :D pops in your mouth like yum


next up,



was supposed to watch this with sue n huili as well but because we were so damn late, there were only 3 tickets left… so that left ruth, george and i.
abit paisehh but er thanks for queueing! lol.

the show was pretty good. kinda sad, but good. now i know why his blades are blades which imho is waywayway better than the gross overgrown nails he had before.
ooh ooh, and i wanna be like the diamond girl!!! so PRETTY~ [eyes glazed over]


after the movie, we traipsed around the empty mall… which was some sort of pleasant. the mall transforms when it’s free from the crowds of the daytime. (not that i haven’t walked around an empty mall before. mind you, i have had my fair share of promoter days)
anyway, we were in search of the loo…
finally came to one only to find this on the door.


this is ruth’s devastation at the closure. lol.
at this point we were this close [index finger and thumb millimetres apart] to drawing smiley faces on the toilet signs… but alas george is too short and could only reach the toiletman’s crotch. boo.


bundled ourselves in a cab and headed to 3rd’s sahur for supper
…where hyma and adrian joined us :)

we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked

until they closed shop…


and then we talked some more :)

it was something different.
the stars were out.
but so were the rats! lol.


i’m glad to have been able to share something so heartfelt with you guys… especially since i don’t really know all of you all that well :)   it’s not often that i find people who can talk so openly about who they are and what they think. i guess we have the ever observant hyma to thank for this…

wonder if you’ll be able to decipher me some day?

it’s times like these that i feel a nagging sadness that i won’t be living on campus next semester. which is saying a lot since i knew i was never meant to stay on campus from the first moment on.

will dearly miss the midnight walks, the talks, the songs, the silence and the stars. why did i not find you guys earlier?? sigh…


anyways, we hung out ‘till dawn in a deserted mamak…
starved, ordered McD breakfast and walked back to first at 7 plus.
(i’ve ordered McDelivery soooo many times the last month i’ve lost count. they is the best! i never quite understood people who were like that until i became one of those people… argh, what has become of me… oh health food xinli!)



yeah, walking back as the sun’s coming up.
not the usual quiet of the night, but lots of birds and cars and healthy morning joggers!
how do they wake up so early??

people, i miss the days when we would make that effort to wake up and play badminton then stuff ourselves with bak kut teh afterwards!!!
i miss a lot of things lately, have you noticed?



i bet no one recognises this.
yes, this is UM!
the field opposite engineering faculty to be exact.
how many times have we crossed that field to KPS without noticing such beauty as this? i love huge trees…



and silhouettes!!



and also being a little nuts when nobody’s looking :)



ooh, and this pic!


can you feel her joy?
love it!

we were supposed to dance in the rain that night but it didn’t rain wtf SAD.
would’ve made the day that much awesomer.



finally getting back to 1st at around 8am…
(seriously sleep-deprived at this point)
cleaned up, crashed and slept till late noon :D


then we went back to midvalley to watch another movie~
sorrylah, i haven’t seen a movie in ages okay…
haha overcompensating much?

so we saw…


its NICE!
all you girls have to watch it and then you’ll go…
ahh… so he isn’t that into me :P


headed back to 12th after so ruth could get her stuff
and then we supper-ed with ivy dear at 11th


she’s the cutest thing lah… goes running ahead like a mad woman just so she could turn back and snap a photo of us. lol.

edit: wanted to add the bit where ruth and i walked across the great field between 12th and 1st because we were too freakin tired to go the long way. was sort of stupid since it was pitch black and we weren’t exactly sure whether it could be done since there were fences and everything… but hey we made it. felt awesome just walking and not knowing :)

lazed through the next day and packed my bags for jess’s
leaving college for good was really… what’s that word? i dunno, i felt nothing :D


buhbye now!

did pretty much nothing at jess’s either except just hang out. loved it.
darrelbi is sho kawaii <3


er and yesterday, i woke up at 8 to accompany popo to the orthopedics. surprisingly not much waiting, the doctor was kinda cute (in a chubby, soft-spoken, i-really-care way) and the pharmacist reminded me of a senior :)

came back and slept like a pig…

ah tis the life!



p.s. this is what my nails look like when i don’t repaint them for more than a month.



is it just me or do my nails grow really slow… doesn’t look like a month’s growth to me :( good thing i don’t fancy long nails, else i’d die waiting them to grow out. my nails are now naked, save for base coat ‘cause i originally wanted to repaint them red but hey, bare nails actually looks okay… can’t remember the last time they were this way for more than 3 days lol.



-am i the exception?-


jess a.k.a. yp said...

wahhh, nice ler... nice post!

xinli said...

thanks, *shy
why are u still awake at this hour? lol. i'm gonna think cramming :)

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. That looks really nice la Limi. You sure you wanna stay off campus?? XD
haha I imagine there's a split second hesitation and then YESSSSSSS. wakaka

Oh man, so NOT fair. Those 2 movies are the 2 that I soooo wanna watch!! Totally unfair!! >.<

Sigh. I still have 2 more papers!! wth.
Later this afternoon and Friday. Damn.
Wish I could go out for a movie with friends after the last paper, but...I'm going home!! :)

ruth said...

oh how i loved that day too...
one of my best days in uni:)
xinli we hv to do this every sem ok..or at least try..will miss u in campus:( this post ..AWESOME=)

xinli said...

exactly so, twas exactly so. lol
make sure u do catch them!!
and don't lah go back after ur paper straight... you have a whole 2 months at home.
think of all the fun u'll miss out on!

*if ur reading this, ok fine u succeeded. don't say i told you so -_-"

definitely will try :D
maybe we'll have some stupid university course together?? though it's highly unlikely... one can only hope!

ruth said...

i doubt we will hv any university course together..but we can do something randomly.. wel till next sem:)