Sunday, May 24, 2009

sleeping with the fishes

(does it annoy you that i randomly sprout malay all the time?? ahaha i don't care!)

this is me, blogging from melbourne suburbia :)
i'm a little sedih cause my daily hit count has dropped from 59 to 27.
i know it's cos there're no new posts but don't forget me okay.... hehe.

anyways, i'm in my aunt's house now in little ol' noblepark north which is pretty near clayton and the dandenongs. apparently my uncle has a thing for fishes (what is it with uncles and fishes?? there's an innate affinity or something like that... i'm pretty sure 90% of the uncle population has gone through a fish-obsession phase at some point. if you know one who's never been into fishes before, trust me, it's coming i tell ya.) so almost every room in the house has fishes! i'm sleeping with 2 tanks of 'em now (hence the title, as if you couldn't figure it out by yourself nyahahahohohehe. sorry, losing it) and they're not very pretty... the pretty ones are in the living room :(
no worries though, not like i hate fishes or anything.

ooh and i had the bestest fish n chips for lunch today at apollo bay.

and and my aunt has a wild-turned-tame parrot in the house who says 'hello' (sort of)


today i travelled 8 hours to go look at rocks -_-"
and saw wild koalas on the way! zomg

plus you know how i always say i have a shit/crapload of photos?
...well saying that now would be an extreme understatement.

i miss malaysia already what is this rubbish but i love melbourne still!

please time pass slow slow, slowly the slowslowslowness kays. thanks, love ya!

-press it. press it for glory-

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Lisa ^^, said...

Expecting photos babe!! Hope you're enjoying yourself! And don't forget to get me the thing you said you might get XD