Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i’m not a poet anymore





anagram cyborg


thank you, thank you :D

[curtseys] [bows] [blows kisses] [royal-waves]


UPDATE: it’s now 37722!!!!


-the awesomeness that is me-

Saturday, June 20, 2009

potato noodles




one ROCKETED ONTO MY BARE CHEST (EWWW) just this evening and survived to plot another attack by SITTING ON MY TOWEL! i contemplated shaking it off at once but was deterred by the prospect of irritating-flitting-moth-ness in the room…
however, having weighed the pros and cons i decided to shake it off anyway BUT IT DIDN’T BUDGE! BLOODY HELL. so all i’d managed to do is shake moth-dust all over my towel AND I JUST WASHED IT 2 DAYS AGO. WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?!?!! NOW I CAN’T USE MY TOWEL CAUSE IT’S DAMN GROSS LA STUPIDSTUPID MOTH I HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!!!

(unless of course, your little trip down the toilet gives it away.)

although i don’t know how i’m going to manage that right now. i successfully cupped it in a little container and thought i could fling it into the toilet bowl with pure force and flush simultaneously but i’ve learnt that i’m not capable of such a deed. the little devil flew out and up before i had a chance to wind up for the throw…

which might’ve been better, given the alternate situation of it being flung into the water only to fly out again, spraying me with water from the toilet bowl. yuck.

but fear not, for i have recaptured the bugger and this time, opted to shake the living daylights out of it before dumping it into the depths of the loo :) smart right?

well apparently not enough because the transparent container is now translucent from moth powder…BUT IT IS STILL FREAKING ALIVE. i’d continue shaking, my despicable hairy fiend, but the dull thuds of your body against the plastic walls combined with the sound of your flitting wings give me goosebumps.

i guess my best bet is to leave it there and hope it suffocates by tomorrow… and then i can flush it down the toilet! huzzah!


(just so we’re clear, i’m normally sweet and demure and not at all a bloodthirsty, avengeful person.)





why did i go on that whole moth-rant?? what i’m really here to blog about is hanging out with kani n fugu.



a day passes cause i got distracted :( happens all the time. which is why sometimes i sound disconnected.

update: the moth DIDN’T die. almost though… bro did the honours for me.




ells being all cutesy.

we were in pavilion and had a late lunch at pastamania with moo n hao.
didn’t really like it… the pasta’s not so great.



admiring her first gucci.



moo and i, looking like a total retard/s.
btw, moo is not a nickname… it’s his surname. cute right?
(probably hell in primary school though.)



scurried off for doughnuts at with hao n desmond when we got too sick of waiting for ells and moo at bobby brown. my stranger-acceptance level has risen somewhat.
(also, sometimes i have trouble differentiating between noise and my imperfect complexion wtf sad case)


met up with jess n hayden a little bit later for dinner…


sorry ell, had to pick the uglier shot of you because…
that girl is ugly-photo-of-self-ophobic. heheh.



we’re the things that go bump in the night :)

jess’s place is awesome because i was craving for cold durian and she had cold durian, i wanted guava juice and lo and behold she had guava juice, i didn’t think of chocolate but there it was and and and potato noodles!!!




this is us skyping with ah ngau wtf.
because we were facebooking and the screen was minimized… we opened the window much later only to realise ebi and tako had left us talking incessantly (and animately no less) to a stuffed cow. brilliant. most brilliant.



and this is me terrorising siakap with my durian breath.
but honestly he didn’t seem to mind it…



traumatized so he went to find mummy to save him. lol



said chocolate and darrel begging for noodles.
blueberry milk.
it’s really good.


 IMG_4911 IMG_4907

masterchef jesslyn leong cooking up a storm.
this is so melb right?? :D:D



ell’s slice of our hols. leopard print clips and potato noodles. lol.



a screenshot of ebi watching us have supper. heheh.
skype is their lifesaver.


talked into the morning and had to wake up a couple of hours later to accompany jess do her homework at raffle’s. haihh what to do, meng seng’s pa n sec ma.


looks like an arcade game right??
it sorta works like one too. you have to fit patterns into the ‘cloth’ as tight as you can to ensure efficiency… it’s like a massive puzzle with millions of possibilities.


IMG_4918 image

we got bored after a while… the puzzle was very hard to solve and jess took very long.

so we viwawa-ed!

i hadn’t played in months… remembering my username and password at first attempt gave me an incredible sense of achievement!! lol. sorryla, my life is full of exciting moments like these.


we went to shop soon after and i bought a cute dress:D:D:D:D:D:D


i should have and album in pictures folder with the title “car cam”


oooh and look look look what else i bought!!


yes, i am aware of my unhealthy obsession with necklaces… it’s just really hard to go cold turkey, i’m weaning myself off. i am.

i have goosebumps 24/7, 365.
it’s ridiculous.



k i have to ciao in a little bit, going to get am from klia.
i’ll end it here with a fab photo of me and my girls…



p.s. something good from FML
do you know that ‘gullible’ said slowly sounds like ‘green bears’?


-cya later alligator-

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bush, obama and malacca


chronicling my visits (yaya, with an ‘s’. i went thrice ok) to malacca in the past 2 weeks via pic-pic-piccies, i know you are expecting to read on aus but i wont blog about that YET because it’s damn tedious la i have >2000 pics and no patience as of now.

and if you are wondering about my title… don’t be silly, i’m not gonna talk about politics. i couldn’t be more apathetical about much else.

unless we’re talking about… uh…

…nope, there’s nothing.



so where does bush and obama come in??





yep, that’s them!

i know, who names their dogs bush and obama right?
the same people who named 2 dogs ahfa and moufa, that’s who.


presenting… the newest addition to ze bukit cina house.

IMG_4387 IMG_4392

nyahaha sho cute! he almost kissed the camera on that one.

ironically, the white one’s obama and the black one’s bush :D 
they are very civil to each other and can gnaw on a mango seed like it’s a t-bone.



ju with bushy and me with oba oba
no i’m serious, that’s what they respond to.



ju with all three of ‘em; ahfa, bushy and obaoba. 
it just looks so funny typed out.
obaoba. oba ba ba.
like some sakai chant.
hahahahahahahahahaha ok enough.



ahfa and obama who’s a crazy energetic dog. he runs around going crazy and tries to jump up on everything. he also has these mad huge ears that look ridiculous when perked up. reminds me of bartok (if you know who that is without googling, you’re awesome in my books!)

IMG_4419 IMG_4416  IMG_4438

bushy’s more subdued and sweet. meloveshim.
i mean, look at that face.

btw, he’s not in a cage… that’s just the little door outside the kitchen.




malacca: round 2


i found pictures beneath the glass on the table!


that expression is priceless.
ju just looks like ju.


i am in love with this picture.
my dress is the prettiest :)


woarrghhhh!!! i feel like strangling something. you know when you have an itch but you don’t know where and no matter where you scratch, it’s still itchy?!?! driving me nuts right now!!!!!!!  why does this happen????? geez.



was trapped in bukit china with nothing to do so i took pictures :D


my favourite flower in the garden because there used to be this really huge tree that was more than twice my height and when you shook it, it would rain pink :)



little things that belong in fairytales with fairies.



our pretty little weed posy.


on our way back to seremban, we stopped by at an aunt’s place in ayer keroh where she has stuff like…



chickens with crazy hairdos.
hoho check out the chick in the background!
they’ve black and white afros!!! how cool is that?



lazy dawg.
we were standing outside the gate and he was lying there, barking at us no less!
then we came in and he continued to bark (louder) without moving an inch.


looks like milo from TheMask, yeah?

anyway, why does everyone i know in malacca have a dog??



and purple lilies…


popped over to a fruit stall to get us some pineapples and DURIAN.
oshhh. i need more.

more more MORE durian tqvm.



just in case you forgot i also love cats haha this is a meowzer at chapati corner.




malacca: round three :D


with yc and the fellas (not pictured lol)


first stop,
our favefavefave cendol place in jonker walk.


the last time we were here, everyone left craving for moreeee… but it think it’s just one of those things that you overplay in your mind because it was just okay this time round. ohwell.



foooooooood. oh oily, sugary food!
it’s no wonder malaysians have a shorter life-span.



can’t beat that oiliness.
it doesn’t really make sense, but i could feel the inner lining of my stomach getting coated with oil as i ate. the asam laksa was still good though :D but i’m a sucker for asam laksa so that’s not saying much really.


cendol :)
this, this was good. gula melaka still as gooey as everr i tell ya.
shitla salivating now.



zin n plh
both apparently ‘single’.



popeye the sailorman! toot toot!
i used to watch popeye all the time when i was a kid… it was my default cartoon (that and ninja turtles). oh and there was this really cute video game where he has to go around collecting paper hearts for olive while avoiding brutus. i don’t like popeye anymore. he’s ugly and olive is annoyingly useless. it probably started out as an elaborate scheme to get kids to eat their spinach. plus if you think about it really, even his name is sick. pop eye. not pleasant.


i miss the blue, blue australian sky. 


bought pretty looking drinks which didn’t taste so great.
the guava one was damn weird.


what i would give for a nose-bridge…
walked around for a bit and almost died of heatstroke, we did.
so off we went to dataran pahlawan to bask in AC while we tried to digest in time for tea (which required a lot of effort).



me and in the midst of a mv-recording.
so yau feel, hor? lolx.


some display in a shoe shop.
i wants to bring it home with me~


candy thievery :)


left with loadsa shopping bags and headed to some nyonya kuih place for tea but it was bloody closed aish. so then we got lost (sort of) before we got to this other nonya eatery at melaka raya called ole sayang. turns out i’ve eaten here before wahaha.


i cannot read chinese.



they had all these pictures along the walls captioned as mrX, wife of mrX, son of mrX, father of mrX… etc. which i find disrespectful because all those other people have names too okay! and i don’t even know who mrX was… probably the founder of this place or something.



chums waiting for the yums.



when was the last time we had a pic taken?
oooh lemme go find it!



Picture 016

2007 i think. form6.


this one’s ancient history man… 2004? 
i tell people all the time, i’m fatter now… i used to be thinner and no one believes me.
well here’s proof!!! look at those twigs passing themselves off as my legs.
i don’t know how i survived without  ‘fragile’ stamped in red across my forehead.


getting back to malacca and the yums…


them wanting to taste authentic nonya dishes, we had assam fish, chap chai, pongteh chicken and sotong sambal. after which i realised i have been unknowingly eating nonya food all my life wtf. it was damn weird eating all these stuff at a restaurant.



close up of the squid because squid is love.



by the river.


then off we went, back to jonker walk for the night market…

the evening sun was HUGE and ORANGE and you could stare at it without blinding yourself but we didn’t manage to take a picture because aishhh the light turned green.



shitloads of people at the night market.
spot yc! she’s the one with funky hair.



master ho eng hui. malaysian guinness book of records record holder… for piercing the most number of coconuts within a minute… with his forefinger! ‘jari telunjuk sakti’ wtf.



he eats fire.
and throws cards…
and knows how to whip…
and use that two-wooden-rods-connected-by-metal-chain bruce lee thingamajig.

i’m so impressed.
[rolls eyes]



here he is trying to get some random angmo to throw cards at him before he threatened to kill him with his deadly card-throwing powers. oooo~ scary.

it’s weird how i’ve seen something similar (or could’ve seen) at a local night market in seremban. only that guy was waywaywayway more long-winded and never got around to performing his miraculous coconut-finger-piercing before i gave up waiting. just might’ve been another rip-off of our dear master hoenghui –_-
…or they could be si heng si dai haha.


malacca river by night.


having somewhat digested our dinner by walking the jonker night market,
it’s cockle time!
(did i mention this was a makan trip?)

so off to the cockles we go…



haha i know, so dodgy right?!
but it was actually pretty good if you manage to stop thinking about the gazillions of bacteria and creepy crawlies that’re probably swarming around the place.



“what you talking about?! don’t simply say hor, my place very the clean ok!!!” 

lol, nolar… he just happened to look up to ask if we wanted chilli on that.



ya haa, there be scarier things than that there uncle lurking in that alley…
oooooo~ and you can be sure it’s no indian ghost.



lala my love, second to none.
although it was a tight battle between the squid and em.



us in the dodgiest of eateries.


thenthenthen because none of us have been,


we went!

but of course, we got lost for a little while first. hehe.



you have no idea how much i wanted to push that button :D
it’s big and yellow and screams ‘PUSH ME!’


IMG_4804  IMG_4809 IMG_4815


as you can see, i was deeply annoyed.


happy people. 
this was actually taken before… which explains the ecstacy.
because it really is nothing to shout about. in fact, it was pretty dull. it was like the ferris wheel that wouldn’t stop spinning. on one hand, you wanted it to stop cause you’re bored of looking at lights but on the other, you want it to go on because heck, you’ve paid a good 8 ringgit for it. kwim?




ok, abrupt THE END.


gonna go shopping with ells and hang out with jess tommorow~ and and perhaps a birthday dinner with pow n gang if possible.




to everyone who came forward and tried to de-stalk-ify themselves by ‘subtly’ referring to things i blogged about and also to those who didn’t, comment lah. i be happy when you do :D

to justin. thanks to you, my facebook notifications are more disturbing than not. why do you keep asking me to date girls, man?! and spanking… let’s not go there.

to tako and ebi. i miss you guys mucho! come home fastfast.

to teo. safe trip! don’t catch anything and have loadsa fun.



-fugu i be coming-