Monday, June 8, 2009

australia day 1

sorry folks (yep, all 5 of you who read my blog. okay 3… 2? of course i’m just being modest, there are obviously way more people than that who stalk me silently [winks] shit why am i winking at stalkers, man? and when will i ever stop rambling in parentheses?? or asking myself rhetorical questions?) for taking so long… (i just reread that sentence and the last four words seem so out of place now cause we’ve probably all forgotten what i was talking about in the first place. damn.)

i’ve been back in malaysia doing nothing for over a week now but still haven’t gotten around to blogging about australia until… well, now. heh.

given much thought about how i should go about it… like divide posts by the places i’ve been, food (yeah rite) or go day by day.

and as you can see by the post title, i’ve decided to stick with a daily diary-like account.


lol, nah i’m only kidding…

there will be no day1, day2 nonsense because then i would have to write a total of 17 posts about australia which is just plain cumbersome. not my style. i like to cram everything into one bloody long post. but then again, it would really be one bloody long post which i would tire of midway and probably start captioning pictures with smiley faces :) and dots … and shit like ‘er… ya’.

so… i still don’t know how i’m gonna do this whole thing but this one’ll be about the flight over because i like to talk incessantly about little details that probably interests no one but myself. hah!


let the journey begin :D

(duh of course this’ll be a pictorial.
despite the recent trend in previous posts, i am still who i am.)



this is xinli with darrelbi aka siakap, at jess’s shortly before leaving.
so poor thing cos both jesses will be gone and he’ll be left alone at home :(


“do you have to go?”
siakap sometimes thinks he is an owl in disguise.
your ummah is coming back really really soon, sweets!
as i type this, in fact!!
(correction: back already, this is what happens when you blog halfway and abandon it. time passes, things happen.)


this is where we’re heading :)
unglam… but it serves it’s purpose.


you know how in most travelogues there’s always a picture of the electronic board thingey which displays the flight and departure time?

i forgot to take that picture.

so to prove i was actually at the airport, all i have is this.


jess, where’s your neck?  


we checked in and went to grab lunch at mcD which oddly enough, smelled like soy sauce. blech. changed venue and went over to theobroma’s for hot choc :) twas good… have yet to taste hot choc that isn’t.

i was looking through some of the pictures and now hate myself for my propensity to put up the peace sign whenever i take a photo. seriously. it’s annoying. and i look stupid… like so.


see what i mean? what the hell is that?!



much saner.


“wait, did you just hear our names over the speakers?”
”noo, where got… don’t be silly”
”miss jesslyn man ing leong, miss xinli lim, mr… “


lol. yea, we were running a little late.

went through the gate only to be stopped by a few officials… freaked for a split second inside my head thinking they were stopping us from boarding but it turned out our expertise as translators were required :P

crossed the flat-piece-of-land-where-planes-are-parked feeling like a couple of fugitives on the run…

aaaaand we have lift off.


how sweet it is to be looking down at clouds.
oh and clean your windows airasia! geez…



us :)


hours later…


hehe i like this one.
the clouds look like the ocean.


hmm… what else…


ooh let’s talk about people on the flight :)

most were middle-aged chinese couples for some reason unbeknownst… but i have selected a few who’ve had the honour of drawing my attention enough to be photographed by yours truly.

disclaimer: all pictures taken without consent and hopefully subject’s awareness.

lol how is that even a disclaimer really… but let’s get on with it anyway.


the aforementioned james, read-sleeper.
self-explanatory pic and label but imma explain it anyway because i want to.
notice how he is reading in the dark? he kept doing that for a while then putting the book down to sleep… only to resume reading minutes later. like he was trying to bore himself to sleep or something. lol. if that was the case, it didn’t work very well.


funny story. we were filling in our arrival forms, jess and i, and neither of us knew what to fill in at the ‘state’ part. melb or vic?? (sorry to disappoint, my geography sucks. for the longest time i didn’t know where exactly canada was in the world) i guessed vic but we had to be sure so we decided to sneakily copy off james a la mr. bean since, you know, he was caucasian and heading to aus ergo he is australian and would know better. he wrote melb. we wrote melb. turns out he was from uk…
and melb is a city.



here we have stressed-uncle-with adorable-son.
(i have a clearer shot. i just thought this was more emotive wtf)
he was reading this encyclopedia-esque book and making notes the whole time we were on the flight. talk about not wasting time.

i, however, had nothing better to do and was studying him when i saw the cutest thing ever stuck in his book…


it reads:
”from jeremy,
halo hello
i <3 love you daddy
good morning
love love love flower flower” 
on hyatt notepaper.

my eyesight is fabulous man (not to say i was able to read it from where i was but good enough to have seen what it was). did you realise how far away i was from him? scroll back up to james’ portrait, he’s in the bg.


friend-of-stressed-uncle-with adorable-son who also kept doing research throughout the flight… except he wasn’t as diligent because he slept halfway through, not that i’m judging… he was probably tired.

other than being tired, he also developed an extremely itchy nostril which, clearly, could only be remedied by repetitive and intensive scratching of the orifice in a semi-circular motion for a time length of not shorter than five minutes. he also successfully displayed his apparent ambidexterity in the nose-digging department. [applause]



and now… shadow puppets for your viewing pleasure!

IMG_1181  IMG_1185

bird                                                 dawg



sorry, nothing better to do remember?
which brings us to…



IMG_1227IMG_1240IMG_1214IMG_1212IMG_1168IMG_1209  IMG_1205IMG_1157IMG_1196


you’re gonna stay that way.


we were talking about something very sad case
and this was playing on the ipod.


i’d tell you, only i forgot what it was. haha.


aaaannd that is pretty much how i got there.


here we are,



p.s. the seats do recline. my bad stupidity.
plus i hate it when i’m trying to swipe my finger across the fingerprint recognition thingey and it doesn’t work cause my finger is sweaty, which by the way has nothing to do with my flight… i was trying to do it on my lappy to verify the publishing of this post.




ruth said...

awesomeness...was waiting for u to blog bout ur trip.. xinli u r a great photographer:)

jess a.k.a. yp said...

hello! yelor, ur pics look great! haha, looks like you had some serious fun.. syokkk! and oh you red nails,.. tsk tsk.. i byk suka!

jess a.k.a. yp said...


xinli said...

more to come :)

i byk suka too... reason there're so many pics of them is cos i did em on the plane! hehe

sean said...

i prepared myself mentally to spend 45 mins reading this post when i saw the title

xinli would have at least written 5k words n posted 100 pics.

who r u? i wan xinli back!

xinli said...

100 pics on a flight? even the mighty xinli is not capable of such.

btw, she's on vacation (otherwise known as bumming around at home)