Monday, June 1, 2009

back home

have been for a day now.

still had the flu on my flight back but no, i wasn't quarantined!! :)
successfully repressed any coughs or sneezes before my flight, yay me!
although i did cough twice during… which prompted the guy next to me to put on a mask  -_-

my flu's going away (i think) but just so you know, malaysian customs at lcct is hopeless... there was word about a temperature check and yeah, there was a booth... which we were not required to go through. utterly redundant. i can't decide whether i'm more relieved or annoyed. not that i have/had a fever.


so how was my flight back, alone*gasp*?


interesting, to say the least.

went on barefaced with a huge marylin-monroe-pimple (recurrent. the top of my lip seems to be a hotspot for big pus-filled pimples) plus shit hair...

and found my reserved seat next to 2 angmo dudes. woe is me. least they weren't hot... wait, should i be glad of that? sitting next to hot angmos regardless of whether i am presentable is arguably a better situation, yes? no?

can't very well make up my mind these days. (or any day for that matter :))

soooo… the seats don’t recline. just needed to say that. the push button on the arm rest is deceptive because all it does is raises the arm rest! darn thing.

but they had those little tv screens where you can pay to watch a movie or play chess orchat with whomever on the flight according to seat numbers (for free, yay!). pretty cool stuff. why didn’t they have them on the flight to melb? oh well, there weren’t any hotties around anyway, save for the one we saw on the way to the loo. bwahaha. then again, he wasn’t really hot out of dim cabin lights.


in a chatroom
12H-queen of thailand: hi
16J: u blonde or brunette
12H-queen of thailand: blonde

at which 16J turns to me and says “blonde thai… not very believeable eh?”

being 16H, an aisle seat, i stuck my head out and surprise surprise, 12H wasn’t blonde…

or female either!!!

lmao, the hilarity of it. wonder what he was trying to get at…


all in all, it was a pretty decent flight home.

the girl at the check in counter was nice enough to let me through a little over weight, the air hostesses were actually much better looking than expected for airasia, the greek radiologist sitting next to me was extremely amusing (compared to james the read-sleeper lol), the baby across the aisle was freakin cute (and more importantly, did not cry), there was no turbulence and the landing was perfecto.

although i must say the food was omg-gross. chicken rendang with long beans which looked like it had been sitting inside that sealed container for more than a week. i gave up on it and turned to kitkat instead… not supposed to be eating at around 2am anyway.

oh and the seats, they don’t recline.

close to 8 hours on an upright seat. let me see you try that.

they take the term ‘airbus’ a little too literally for comfort.
…and even so, bus seats recline.


alright. sleep time.
off to malacca tomorrow! (yeah, melaka…which happens to mean dickhead in greek)





Lisa ^^, said...

Welcome home babe!! XD
And a very interesting flight indeed. Maybe on MY next (maiden) flight, I could be a 6 feet tall blonde male :P

xinli said...

now what good would that do?