Thursday, June 11, 2009


so i was watching videos on youtube and this amazing sight caught my eye…


oh wow.

sorry i had to break it to you guys like this but that, people-who-do-not-know-of-my-wondrous-coat-of-insulation, …is my arm hair.

the picture does no justice.

when the laptop light hits it just right, they just light up. it’s so awesome it almost seems like there’s an air of ethereal luminescence about them.
(yeah… trust xinli to call her arm hair ethereal.)

i’ll epilate tomorrow. although i must say i do like the notion of growing them back out to their full length. yep, you got that right… those babies are still growing! (ok, sorry if i scared you there…haha)


updates on recent activities will resume shortly.

and erm perhaps you should also know that i have a very loose definition of ‘shortly’.


-say no to sushi king-


Ray[m]ond said...

NO. HOW CAN U WIN OVER ME! I'm the hairy monstrous king. So wat u!>.<

sean said...

damn i was eating when i see this


xinli said...

mon + sean,

oh come on... not as if u haven't seen it before.

KenT said...

Not like this I haven't. =P

That said,nice shot.

xinli said...

no i don't think you've seen it at all. lol.

and thanks... i doubt anyone can get a more picturesque shot of arm hair.