Saturday, June 20, 2009

potato noodles



one ROCKETED ONTO MY BARE CHEST (EWWW) just this evening and survived to plot another attack by SITTING ON MY TOWEL! i contemplated shaking it off at once but was deterred by the prospect of irritating-flitting-moth-ness in the room…
however, having weighed the pros and cons i decided to shake it off anyway BUT IT DIDN’T BUDGE! BLOODY HELL. so all i’d managed to do is shake moth-dust all over my towel AND I JUST WASHED IT 2 DAYS AGO. WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?!?!! NOW I CAN’T USE MY TOWEL CAUSE IT’S DAMN GROSS LA STUPIDSTUPID MOTH I HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!!!

(unless of course, your little trip down the toilet gives it away.)

although i don’t know how i’m going to manage that right now. i successfully cupped it in a little container and thought i could fling it into the toilet bowl with pure force and flush simultaneously but i’ve learnt that i’m not capable of such a deed. the little devil flew out and up before i had a chance to wind up for the throw…

which might’ve been better, given the alternate situation of it being flung into the water only to fly out again, spraying me with water from the toilet bowl. yuck.

but fear not, for i have recaptured the bugger and this time, opted to shake the living daylights out of it before dumping it into the depths of the loo :) smart right?

well apparently not enough because the transparent container is now translucent from moth powder…BUT IT IS STILL FREAKING ALIVE. i’d continue shaking, my despicable hairy fiend, but the dull thuds of your body against the plastic walls combined with the sound of your flitting wings give me goosebumps.

i guess my best bet is to leave it there and hope it suffocates by tomorrow… and then i can flush it down the toilet! huzzah!


(just so we’re clear, i’m normally sweet and demure and not at all a bloodthirsty, avengeful person.)





why did i go on that whole moth-rant?? what i’m really here to blog about is hanging out with kani n fugu.



a day passes cause i got distracted :( happens all the time. which is why sometimes i sound disconnected.

update: the moth DIDN’T die. almost though… bro did the honours for me.




ells being all cutesy.

we were in pavilion and had a late lunch at pastamania with moo n hao.
didn’t really like it… the pasta’s not so great.



admiring her first gucci.



moo and i, looking like a total retard/s.
btw, moo is not a nickname… it’s his surname. cute right?
(probably hell in primary school though.)



scurried off for doughnuts at with hao n desmond when we got too sick of waiting for ells and moo at bobby brown. my stranger-acceptance level has risen somewhat.
(also, sometimes i have trouble differentiating between noise and my imperfect complexion wtf sad case)


met up with jess n hayden a little bit later for dinner…


sorry ell, had to pick the uglier shot of you because…
that girl is ugly-photo-of-self-ophobic. heheh.



we’re the things that go bump in the night :)

jess’s place is awesome because i was craving for cold durian and she had cold durian, i wanted guava juice and lo and behold she had guava juice, i didn’t think of chocolate but there it was and and and potato noodles!!!




this is us skyping with ah ngau wtf.
because we were facebooking and the screen was minimized… we opened the window much later only to realise ebi and tako had left us talking incessantly (and animately no less) to a stuffed cow. brilliant. most brilliant.



and this is me terrorising siakap with my durian breath.
but honestly he didn’t seem to mind it…



traumatized so he went to find mummy to save him. lol



said chocolate and darrel begging for noodles.
blueberry milk.
it’s really good.


 IMG_4911 IMG_4907

masterchef jesslyn leong cooking up a storm.
this is so melb right?? :D:D



ell’s slice of our hols. leopard print clips and potato noodles. lol.



a screenshot of ebi watching us have supper. heheh.
skype is their lifesaver.


talked into the morning and had to wake up a couple of hours later to accompany jess do her homework at raffle’s. haihh what to do, meng seng’s pa n sec ma.


looks like an arcade game right??
it sorta works like one too. you have to fit patterns into the ‘cloth’ as tight as you can to ensure efficiency… it’s like a massive puzzle with millions of possibilities.


IMG_4918 image

we got bored after a while… the puzzle was very hard to solve and jess took very long.

so we viwawa-ed!

i hadn’t played in months… remembering my username and password at first attempt gave me an incredible sense of achievement!! lol. sorryla, my life is full of exciting moments like these.


we went to shop soon after and i bought a cute dress:D:D:D:D:D:D


i should have and album in pictures folder with the title “car cam”


oooh and look look look what else i bought!!


yes, i am aware of my unhealthy obsession with necklaces… it’s just really hard to go cold turkey, i’m weaning myself off. i am.

i have goosebumps 24/7, 365.
it’s ridiculous.



k i have to ciao in a little bit, going to get am from klia.
i’ll end it here with a fab photo of me and my girls…



p.s. something good from FML
do you know that ‘gullible’ said slowly sounds like ‘green bears’?


-cya later alligator-


Lisa ^^, said...

Hey babe!! Awesome pics for previous posts too!!! Chunnnn XD
Me already back in ukm, bored to tears, with that nagging thought that I have work to hand in by the end of the week, yet I complain I have nothing to do. Sighhhh >.<
Miss ya!! :)

sean said...

damn i just love the way u write! yummy english =)
even moth story became nice

xinli said...

thanks hon :D
bored then blog something for me to read yea. lol.

eh no snide comment this time?

sean said...

why force me i'm trying to control myself here..


its a story of u being naked (part of it)

just so u dont feel sexually exploited, there's no vivid picture in my mind when i read it =)

its kinda flat @@
no i mean my emotion..

(opps there i go again)

Alison said...

did u get yourself "rounder"?? :P

xinli said...

ha ha very funny.

everyone keeps telling me that!!!