Monday, August 17, 2009

guess what?




are you glad or are you GLAD?

not only am i back, i’ve finally updated my layout! been using the classical template for way too long now. but the thing is i don’t know how to edit the new version all that well :( so stuff are a tad wonky… but i solved the consistent capital letter headings! yay. me no likey caps. aaand the fact that it looks different in IE and opera is annoying. aishh. and and and i don’t know why but opera wont let me sign in to the dashboard or my google account!! stupidass browser.


updating you on more recent stuff… before i move on to the ancient history that i love so much –
aka ho-ho-holidays! bukan horlicks.

not fond of that.

it easily joins the ranks of essence of chicken amongst other dislikes i thought i’d have grown out of but never did… and probably never will. do not offer me those things ever, it will always be a no.


don’t bother trying.

i think i’ll live without the “wholesome, nourishing goodness” thank you very much.


alright then, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…
let us begin our reverse chronological adventures into the stupendously mundane uni life of xinli the [insert what adj you may] !

(i’m partial to beautiful, intelligent and perhaps awesome in general but i guess it is up to you.)
[telepathically wills you to pick one of the above]

not working?
well it was worth a try.



yesterday i decided to have a good long sleep and allow myself to wake up when i wake up cause i haven’t done that in a long long while (morning classes and weekend activities).

so i woke up.

and it was 4.57pm WTF. i thought my phone might’ve kong-ed so i went out to check the wall clock and it was 5.00pm!!! what the hell. i snoozed after waking up at 12pm for a whole 5 hours. that’s some serious sleep, people. even for me.



yesterday morning, i was here.


DTC square. medical faculty convocation. i will be wearing bright pink in the near future :(  i like the pale lavendar better. perhaps i should switch faculties? can somebody tell me what faculty is the pale lavendar from??


IMG_6562my graduating buddy, ailing! :D
with roses i made… with my bare hands.
am i like amazing or what? you tell me. lol.

my simplified version of the origami kawasaki rose.
all you girls should send their bfs to me for lessons and all you boys should bai ngo wai si.

ok sorry, too cocky there. lol.


IMG_6578the full buddy line. plus our superduperhyper… buddy.



four bombs!
from left: sheena, peiyi, meeiyin and eunice.

IMG_6567my 1st year buddy, pheng :)

IMG_6561final year buddy, cheetao and ailing

pheng, wrong camera! lol



with laihui’s graduating buddy, sim. nice lilies.IMG_6577IMG_6574 


the four bombs and their junior buddylines.
what a crowd.

‘twas a freakin hot day but thank god it didn’t rain.
we later cabbed to jaya one for lunch and wonderful AC.

back in seremban by dinner time :)



the day before, i had asam laksa!! osh.
never fails to leave me red faced with a runny nose.
damnit. still love it.

then off to fong lye tea house in gardens for dinner.


(picture from new phone which takes pictures!!!)
(yes! i’ve lived thus far without one.)

food was pretty good but not take-a-number-and-wait-for-ages-just-to-get-in good.

and then we went in 20 mins late to see some stupid louis khoo show. it was alright, pretty funny but quite annoying lor the over-acting and total lack of point. i’d take old school stephen chow over this any day.


friday morning, IR lab: used the cutest ever jade mortar and pestle! it was the size of a tambun dao sa pia.

lab lab labbety labs.

i kinda messed up my gram stains but hey, look…

pretty vials!


llama extract anyone?


in other news, i make a mean sandwich!


om the nom nomz


yes, this entire post will be as haphazardly done.
no, i will not make any effort to connect stuff together.


pictures from the pharmacy CC dinner: where we assign characters for juniors to dress up as with no clear information on where they will be going! which means they have to wear crazy things and walk along the main roads for all to see… as per last year :) but this year’s a little different cause each character will be played by 2 people and it was sort of like a little dress-up competition.

try and guess who they’re playing!



IMG_6222 IMG_6228IMG_6224

no points for guessing who’s in the centre. it’s a spot on depiction. :) in the bg we have a YCF (yellow coverage fellow aka digi-man) and sailormoon!
nipply shemale: ru hua and my buddy: karen mok’s character from sek san!



  statue of liberty,ronald mcdonald, michael jackson and michaelangelo of TMNT :)



sailormoon,  xiao hua from that taiwanese drama with wilber pan*dreamy*, another YCF, mr. bean, karenmok again, and liang popo (such an adorable nanny).



accidental matching outfits :)
ruhua’s wearing sheer tights!


IMG_6248 IMG_6245

raphael of TMNT, marylin monroe, and joker from dark knight. i had to sit with her… she was scary expressionless :(
a second statue of liberty. 9.5/10 i say.



marylin monroe seducing masterQ.
it was horrible. i am traumatized for life. 
oh and in the back we have a failed attempt at a playboy bunny.



the bao zou po from kungfu hustle with the female version of the YCF. love her, she had a yellow rubber ducky!

later, the seniors made the 2 YCFs reenact the cupid commercial. lol.






 IMG_6337IMG_6315 IMG_6322


phua chu kang, 2 liang popos huhu-ing, and 2 karenmoks (sorry i don’t know the character’s name) mincing air-pork.






IMG_6252 it was a riot.
people couldn’t stop taking pictures.
and i’ll bet the 1st years wished it never happened.



annual gathering 09
the juniors’ initiation, sort of.
it’s kinda like a rite of passage into acceptance as our juniors instead of just being freshmen.


IMG_6404fun in the lecture hall 


IMG_6427with pheng and funwee

IMG_6426buddy and co-buddies.
from left: changyi, eunice, plh, pheng and i.




alrights, that’s it.
continue later.




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