Friday, August 28, 2009

i am with fish

like, you know, ‘i am with child’?
hahahhahahaha why am i so funny sorry please ignore me.
i’ll come back to that later.

home for 5 days!
it’s like a freaking break terima kasih malaysia kerana memilih hari yang sungguh perfecto untuk merdeka. wtf.

in an excessively good mood now because i had a 5 hour evening nap today, there are 5 days of non-classes and i only have one test next week! whoop dee doo! (you know your life is pretty sad case when you are ecstatic over having one test a week) but ah… c’est la vie, chéri.



beard papa’s kerimo puffu desnye. 
much love.

i don’t know what’s the fuss with donuts (even krispy kremes), don’t hate me donut-lovers but i have to say this - cream puffs are obviously superior. okay, so they don’t have many flavours and they all look pretty much the same but there is something wonderful about cold creamy goodness in a little bit of pastry.

popped by midvalley before the ktm-ride home where i had to stand for ages and a pretty girl clawed my face in which it is proved that aesthetically appealing people get away with things more easily because i wasn’t really pissed at her nor am i now although my face is a little raw. or it might be because of my current somewhat ^^ disposition :) now, you must be thinking what is this la, why did some psycho girl claw you, siao issit? well actually she was trying to get off the train and i was standing very near the pole and she was wearing heels and inertia worked its wonders and she tried to grab the pole and she missed and she had long nails and my face was next to the pole and her thumb jab-grazed my cheek with all her body weight. the end.

what a wonderful story. now children, the moral of that story is don’t stand next to the pole. at least not with your face really near it.

so anyway, we were in midvalley and had lunch with jess at that korean place in gardens again (where the cashier said ‘kamsahamida, darling’ to me wtfkaukau). we always eat there. le sigh. <—mengeluh memikirkan kesedapan sotong and sup kimchi. bukan kerana sudah bosan. haha i love you malaysia. blue birds fly. frustrated at myself for not being able to regurgitate parasitology properly today. i had cheese. the cat vomited cause it ate too much. candy apple. petechia. ok end of randomness.

here we are in yo sushi,


i need more hair, less acne… and bigger boobs why you’re at it, fairy godmother.
oh oh and don’t forget the nose bridge and a bajillion bucks thankyouverymuch.


jess with her new, wig-like hair and huilih with her tempura.



linking successful.

let me show you my fishes.


you scared my fish! look at their expressions lol.

i was never all that fond of keeping fish actually because i find them a little boring. there’s not much interaction. i mean, you can’t pet them, they don’t make any noises and they don’t come when you call. not that cats do, unless i have food or they think i do. most of time, they just give me that condescending glance which says “what do you think i am, a dog?”.


come on… a little cooperation here, marmaladedua.
i’m trying to make you look pretty. you are not the godfather.


although admittedly, you do a pretty good impression.
yes? no?
maybe, i dunno.

can you repeat the question?
you’re not the boss of me now, you’re not the boss of me now~
and you’re not so big!
bwahahahaha. i feel like watching malcolm in the middle. 
don’t you just love malcolm in the middle? i personally adore it. they should’ve continued. it could’ve been the next friends.

hang on, i’m starting to go overboard with digression. where was i… right. so fishes, they’re not much fun. never really liked them. but i was bored and this giant wine glass was just sitting on that shelf in the mall calling out to me so i answered it’s call wtf. after which i went and got fishes to put in it…

come to think of it, the whole thing is sort of backwards, getting fishes for the bowl rather than a bowl for the fishes. i’ve grown to like them over the last 5 days i’ve had them on my desk. something to watch. plus i’ve a remedy for the lack of interaction: i made a speech bubble and stuck it on the side of the bowl. they come around and mouth at me all the time so i thought it’d be cute. haha.


me fishes, all three. me customised free-with-milo clock. me little pot of green(BASIL!). me dedication bear.

i tried to make them say hello to you guys too.
(and by that, i mean i held my camera really still and waited for them to swim up to the speech bubble. lol why ah? why am i so lame-o. discovered that getting them at mid-gape is really really hard and they swim up front way less when you hold a silver block of metal against the glass.)

IMG_6767fish #1
smallest babe.
i like it the most cos it swims around really fast a lot. 
btw, in case you missed it, the water’s not really that murky. my wall is yellow.

IMG_6783fish #2
mini-koi-looking thing.
major disappointment cos when i picked it out it looked damn cute but upon getting home, i realised that it’s scales were sort of coming off in places and you can see it’s guts through the white parts.
  IMG_6799fish #3
big fella.
he’s the brightest and most photogenic (wtf fish also got photogenic wan meh). like the fish version of ginger.

omg i just had a revelation. i should have gotten one orange, one orange and white, and one black fish… like my cats at home. why didn’t you think of this earlier, xinli… why?! sigh.

i haven’t named them yet because i don’t think they will last very long and frankly i don’t care because they cost me 10 cents a pop and i don’t get emotionally attached to fishes. i blame this on my upbringing because when i was kid, one of my dad’s fishes jumped out of the aquarium, died and my grandmother cooked it for dinner. hahaha sorry. i wanted to get black mollies at first but these were cheaper, look happier and are a sort of test-run. please forgive my disregard for their lives :)


- the cow said moo, so moo you must -


ruth said...

hey... this reminds me of my very own fishes which dies long time ago..haha.. remember those fished ian gave me? well u definitely wont be attached to it.hehe. miss you btw:)

xinli said...

haha yeah... poor fellas.

cya tmr :D

Alison said...

nice idea sticking speech bubbles onto the glass.. lol..