Friday, August 7, 2009

it’s 4.00am

and i just spent the last hour reading my own blog wtf.

it has occurred to me that i’ve managed to churn out a whopping sum of 10 posts in the last 3 months. impressive isn’t it? i don’t know why but i just didn’t feel like blogging when i had the time during the holidays and now that the 2nd year has begun, everything’s flying by so fast.

we’re in week [checks schedule cos i’m hopeless like that] FIVE already and it’s almost over. sepaking of which… haha sepaking. [clears throat] speaking of which, my blurrness has led to me missing replaced slots and showing up for a cancelled 8am class. i woke up at 7am and sped to faculty for nothing. i predict more to come :(

just got over the medicinal chemistry and dosage form design continuous assessments and next week we have pharmaceutical analysis and cns pharmacology! boohoohoo dim gai yan sang gam fui?? (why is ginseng so grey? swt) anyways, sem break is a week away… seeing as um surprisingly didn’t send us all home to be quarantined for a week despite the rampant flu. let’s hope i feel up to blog. it’s a whole week of home-lazing.

if i’ve been a little absent upstairs of late, i’m sorry. i do care.

i miss the holidays,

i miss my seafoods,

and i miss me too.


p.s. happy birthday to the jesses. wish you well.


-still alive-


sean said...

after so long... u posted a disgusting picture and a somewhat not interesting post.

come back xinli!! give us some good sh*t

xinli said...

not in the mood. for anything at all.