Monday, August 31, 2009


hi people it’s 3.19am here and i’m gonna go take a shower because i’m screwed up like that.

i think it might be a tad annoying how i have to tell you what time it is all the time (well i’m annoying myself, anyway) but i just have an inherent need to. i don’t know why. i just do.
especially when it’s late.

back in a bit, not that you will notice. i’m gonna finish this blog before i post it anyhow.

alright. smelling good now. i’m off to bed.



had some major rhinorrhea going on the day before yesterday.

it was the watery kind that bugs the hell out of you cos you can’t exactly blow it all out or suck it back in and it just keeps dripping and dripping and dripping. bloody hell. i think it was dust. the house is dusty.

also, there’s this tiny spot of rash behind my right knee which hurts when i touch it.
it looks a little like i have lyme disease o.0
curse the bug that bit me.


went out for steamboat with yp and co. yesterday night for her birthday which is today (happy birthday again yp!)  went to lobak at first but the place was freaking packed to the brim so we had to change venues :( boo the hoo.


IMG_6844with the birthday girl :)
why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round why’s my face so round ?????????????????? !!!

IMG_6842ruth and edmund 
…who was sort of left out of conversations throughout. poor thing.

IMG_6837gossiping, peihua?

IMG_6856ruther and yp looking nice.
damn vain already ah, ruth?
(babe i forgot to tell you what lulu means!)

IMG_6852 yp and her bling present :)

IMG_6849 all together now.


on the way home.
see poyo, i told you it was too dark to see you :)

had a great time although we sort of only see each other once a year. miss our form six times when we would just slack and talk crap in class :)

i realised everyone has moved on in their uni lives but me… there’s this reluctance to let go… which may or may not be the cause of my lack of close friends in uni. so sad case. it’s not that i don’t have friends and i’m subjected to being a loner, it’s just that… well… i don’t know. it’s different. i keep telling myself i just haven’t found my niche but deep down i think it’s not going to happen.

so yeah. everyone, you know who you are, forget me not. you guys mean a lot to me.
seafood ftw!

(ruth, yp, don’t perasan. i’m not talking about you guys. i don’t like u guys.)

(at all.)

(hahahahaha just kidding. love u guys.)

(why do i have a feeling i am ss-ing here? :( )

(oh well.)


i just came back from yamcha with 3 sad kittens. had a ball. mouth’s a little sore. super happy for next week. sounds like it will be fun. [crosses fingers]

merdeka passed without any sign. didn’t even notice it’s passing. was among at least 50 people and not one ‘merdeka’ to be heard. not a flag to be seen all along the journey there and back. the only people that sounded like they were remotely in celebration were the rempits. tis a sad merdeka, this one. not that i’m very much of a patriot, i’ll be honest with that :) but still, what has become of us all?


p.s. yp, if you want the pics in colour tell me kays.
hope you had a great day :)


- don’t look now -


ruth said... vain? lol...
my dear xinli, u mean a lot to me too:) for real. no matter what u say. and remember, and in ur niche of friends k. doesnt matter how often we met or do not met.
see u this friday? xoxo

xinli said...

yes, you... vain :)


jess a.k.a. yp said...

li.. i am so glad to see you and the rest on saturday. so nice to catch up with least you laughed when i said funny things. ppl here said i made ice age. T.T
and thanks for the pic! you got skill leh.. i look nice in the pics >.< i grab some pics from here ok? thx

ure awesome, li. ,.. me too.. we r awesome... go ss team LOL lame dao~

xinli said...

grab away~
i suppose only the lame appreciate the lame.
yes go SS!! woot!