Friday, August 21, 2009

a tragedy, your magesty

well said, funny baby. well said.
god i haven’t laughed this hard in ages.
hang on, let me go watch it another 10 times…

alright then, now that we’ve set the mood…


do not, i repeat, do not… ask me to dye your hair. ever.

unless you are opting for the major-fail look, which i doubt you are.
therefore i think it’s best to set the rule of thumb: xinli is not made for dyeing hair. period.

before and after

it doesn’t look so bad in the picture but trust me, it was bad.
ah bi i’m sorry but you cannot be pissed at me cause it was an informed decision to allow me the honours and you promised you wouldn’t blame me!!! :D
and besides we fixed it and now you have someone’s name to dat should people ask why’s your dye-job so shitty, which i presume you will without hesitation :(




went to watch ‘the proposal’ on wednesday…

image_thumb1and i loved it.

i loved it so much in fact that i went and hunted down ‘definitely, maybe’.
lol. too obsessive?
butbutbut ryan’s awesome~
(although not a very believable father)
i’m contemplating whether i should rewatch ‘two guys, a girl and a pizza place’ now. bwahaha.


kay, nuff said. creepy story time. that day right, we (plh, ells, lck n i) were having lunch in johnny’s before the movie and we were seated next to the glass wall which separates us from the mall walkway… when all of a sudden this big guy in shades with a backpack on this back comes right up to the glass and just stands there… and watches us eat.

so then, naturally each of us thought one of us knew him because who in their right mind would just stand there and watch people eat, right?

but nooo… it didn’t take us long to conclude that it was a complete stranger and i guess he did have a few screws loose up there because he continued to stand and scrutinize for a good 5 minutes (which felt like an hour). wtf betul. i don’t think any of us dared look up at him save for sneaky side-long glances. even when the waiters tried to get him to leave, he seemed reluctant.

dayemm creepy man.

and the worst part is, it was a little freaky cause he looked completely normal… if you throw the shades out of the equation, that is. shades, indoors, non-blinding light. they don’t mesh. we really should have figured it out sooner.

wokays, back to my druggers i go.

- rectal prolapse is ew -


Lisa ^^, said...

I LOVED the funny babe speech when I first watched it too !! Soo darn cute !!!! XD

LOOOOOOVVEEDD The Proposal - cos I love Ryan Reynolds (have you watched Just Friends? You should :P) and Sandra Bullock too (Ms. Congeniality mannn) !!!

xinli said...

imma go try n watch just friends now!!!

<3 ryan reynolds