Sunday, August 23, 2009

up and finding a job



it was a hard decision… i mean, i don’t wanna put my eggs in too many baskets (lest they should go missing or get eggnapped or something), but i finally made up my mind.

i’m gonna apply for number 2!
seriously, that job was made for me. and i get a perm! lol.

jokes aside, i didn’t apply at jobcentral (or anywhere for that matter). it was spam. and i’m just curious… but why the hell would an 8-ton-lorry-driver come up in the same list as a chemist and a quantity surveyor???


and you know what else??

i can totally kinda sorta do that ‘the rock browlift’ now because of an eyebrow plucking accident.


i also suspect i have some sort of bowel problem. read: pimply chin.
or or or it could be my menses because i know i’m not constipated, i just shat yesterday.

and… you probably didn’t need to know that.

so let’s divert your attention with pretty, pretty things :D


the evening rays :D 

which reminds me, i can’t believe i STILL haven’t seen a rainbow this year!!! major rainbow shortage or what??

probably ‘what’… which might or might not be fate-talk for ‘you need to get out of the house more’. it’s just too bad i don’t speak fate ;)




cry die i.

LOVED it, to say the least.

loved the cloud and the sweet stork.
loved the fact that alpha’s defective-collar-voice sounded exactly like yzma’s when she turned into a kitty.
loved carl and ellie’s story. (woo ellie you’re in UP!)
loved kevin and the non-annoying woody woodpecker vibe he had going on.
loved ‘the cone of shame’.
loved DUG. omg love loved him! bestest.
and who wouldn’t LOVE THE HELIUM BALLOONS!!

went to watch despite my brother being on edge about h1n1.
gosh. all these people who are so freaked out… their paranoia is getting on my nerves.
if you are one of those people, i’m sorry, but we can’t be friends anymore.

if i were serious, i be freakin friendless at the rate this is going.



ps. i am very the pissed.
i just bought this majolica majorca neo eyeliner autopen thingey last month and today, at watsons, there was a ‘buy one free one’ offer. X(

- back to work -

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