Tuesday, September 29, 2009

addicted to scrabble


i need to play it at least once a day (what is this rubbish). like when i’m waiting for something, when the ads come on, before i go to sleep at night and even in the toilet when i anticipate a long crap. o.0
(on my cellphone lah. what, you think i bring a scrabble board into the toilet and play with myself is it?)

last few weeks ago, it was Diner Dash2 but i’ve since stopped because i already got expert scores [obsessive] on all the levels up to flo’s lounge and there isn’t a goal to reach anymore :(

howlah now? cannot stop. die edi.

speaking of which, littlest-fish died on it’s journey back to pj.
which also means i now have big-orange-fish and orange-and-white-fish… and thus am able to make room for future black-fish. hohoho. silver lining is very bright.

p.s. anthony, marry me already!

- gobbledegook -

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the good stuff


quite often occasionally, i am possessed by some form of fleeting OCD. (usually when i’m bored.)
more often than not, it’s obsession about something or someone i find utterly awesome.

…and i’m gonna share some of that with you. (this is where you ‘yay!’) 
though i doubt everyone will love them as much as i do because normally when i’m super in love with something and go show someone, they find it okay only. –_-
but i don’t care, i’m gonna link them anyways.

blogs and sites.
i’m assuming upon discovery of a website you likes, a regular person would bookmark, click follow, or link it and call it a day. but sadly, i’m not exactly capable of doing just that. i have to go and read through the (entire if possible) archives, continually fixated on that ‘older posts’ button until it disappears.
to illustrate, i’ve read all the FMLs, MyDadIsaFOBs, passiveagressivenotes, FAILblogs, icanhascheezburgers, almost all of xiaxue (it gets tiresome after a while) and well… most of the blogs in my MuchLove list anyway.

basically i do what i can… sometimes thorough 'reading’ is somewhat impossible to achieve so i let them go. you know… stuff like Lookbook(too many) and Clever Girl Goes Blog(too wordy).

it’s the same thing for youtube channels. 100 over videos? no problem. it might take me forever but i will watch them all. communitychannel, EclecticeAsylumArt, mememolly, HappySlip... check and done.

oh wow, it’s a little bit crazy now that i start listing everything out. o.0

other stuff include crocheting(stopped already), tim burton – johnny depp movies (omg NEED to watch alice in wonderland ok depp is playing the madhatter. it will be insane! trust burton to come up with some eerie shit), tim walker’s photography… etc.

btw, i love love the narrator for Pushing Daisies! will try and watch the whole season in the coming hols :) from the ep i caught on telly (wahaaa telly! very brit and cutesy), it looks like it’s sort of fantastical and BigFish-esque with a dash of MyNameIsEarl-like queer. i forgot why i didn’t watch it the last time it aired…but ah, fret not… shall get around to it some time.

(ooh and because i wiki-ed BigFish for you guys, i’ve just discovered miley cyrus was in it. wtf)



had fun at ell’s doing a little scrapbooking today :)


ika, come back and collect your cutest-diary-in-the-world!




off to makan tomorrow :)


p.s. omg i might possibly start hating microbiology now that we’ve stopped learning about cultures and started on actual microbes. i don’t think i need to can memorise the what-where-when-how of a bajilion microbes. wth is 45 slides of approx 12 lines of words each on Clostridium spp. alone? madness.

madness, i tell you.


- “to the vapid and ethereal” -

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

abysmal wounds and discombobulation


if you really want to know, i ironed my knee.
yes, ironed. with an iron. the type you iron clothes with. don’t ask how i managed to do that, long story.

i’ve since succeeded in picking the scab off without bleeding. i feel so accomplished! :D
and before you judge, this was no regular scab okay. it was damn weird cos basically after i ironed my knee, it grew a bloody huge blister in the shape of a leech and then i proceeded to forget it’s existence and cross my leg over it, virtually grinding the blister off. FML after which it morphed into one creepy yellow scab that turned soft when wet. altogether a very puzzling situation. care to enlighten me why this is, anyone? first year physiology fails to explain this phenomenon (that or i was asleep… which is just as likely).

i think at this point my legs hate me already. first i go and get a pus-filled bug bite, then i iron it… and last but not least, successfully bang it on random objects every 2 days. read: bed post, desk, door frame… etc. sorry, legs.


the first two days of raya hols were jam-packed with activities… which was lots of fun and very wallet-lightening T_T


my first time taking the cable-car after dark…


and it was nothing short of wonderful.
as usual, my cammy was too useless for words at night.
although i suppose i could deny that straight out and say i was intentionally trying to evoke a sense of mystery…


cue x-files theme.


raindrops on the window.
ah sweet rain, you should have known better than to come when i was not safely tucked away beneath a warm duvet. but i forgive you, for it was beautiful how you washed the lighted up jungles below. i kick myself for not being able to share that here because of my shitass cam. boo the hoo.



scuttle, my children.
now who doesn’t recognise the floor?
if you still haven’t figured out where i went… what is wrong with you?!


much ado about chu hong and min nuan’s shared room :P


most of us in the lobby.
i love this pic… it’s so happy and i look like i have so much hair. lol.

lovely hair aside, i am upset because i lost probably half my almost new tube of liquid concealer thanks to air pressure. geez. never bring liquid concealer in a squeeze tube to high altitudes. i guess you could leave the cap a little bit open for it to equalize… or maybe that would just facilitate the oozing. i don’t know, you tell me. i don’t do physics.
(i’m serious. tell me how i can prevent this catastrophic tragedy from recurring. it will save lives.)


but we have to learn to accept such tragedies and move on with our lives. (at this point i really feel like inserting a wtf but i try to avoid parroting so i shall not but it’s really hard… it’s eating me up inside wtf. woops.)


shot some arrows.
looked like lots of fun but i think i’d suck big time and probably dislocate a shoulder while i’m at it.
really wanna try it though. maybe next time?



so we had some tongsui… or rather, they had some tongsui. the one i really wanted was sold out and all they had left was red bean and green bean which are both blergh and so i opted for corn in a cup instead and even that turned out to be finished so then i went to my corner and sulked enjoyed the conversation because my luck took a flight to timbuktu that night. T_T

i’m not making stories up… before this i left my happy-meal-toy-with-a-secret-compartment-for-a-mini-notebook-with-which-i-was-going-to-write-wonderful-things-in in the bus. no lie. it’s totally Luck’s fault. Absent-mindedness had nothing to do with it, he’s innocent!

then afterwards, being still pissed at the world in general, i telepathically convinced chu hong to vandalise some genting property on my part.


haha i dunno. it’s a funny picture. 

after that was over and done with, the 21 year olds took a little trip down to the casino to gamble away our life’s fortunes. just kidding. why on earth would i do that when Luck’s on vacation? thought it would be novel… i’ve never actually been to a casino until then. it was alright. quite boring in fact… unless you have a few K to spare i suppose.


the next morning, what else?  themepark.


here for the 3872416235th time and counting.
it’s awesome that the themepark is in the cold. cannot comprehend how one can stand waiting in line, sweating and annoyed.


happiest-looking ride in the park.
my heart goes out to you.
wouldn’t it be lovely if we had one of these at home?


bag and shoes off, and ready for lift off :)


chailing and jungyew.
kids on the swing.



candy coloured happiness.



minjien and wendy on the plane that wouldn’t fly :)


i be amelia earhart  [delusional]
(…and childish. what of it??)


flying past the waterfalls in a red aeroplane.



‘oh yeah, we cool.’
i don’t think they were posing. it just happened.



there be creatures in the dark. RUN! HIDE!
(mr. ST went snaphappy a little prematurely)
this was our third time queuing up for the mine train because it kept getting shut down due to the rain.
we also queued twice for the flying dragon aka speed-monorail and didn’t get to ride it :(
at least i got to do the solero shot though. after n times of going on this ride, i still panic at the top. it’s oddly satisfying.



the fearful quartet aboard the pirate ship. 
check out chin hwee on the far left XD



have you ever noticed the kissing serpents?



queuing up for another ride we missed.
we got all the way up to the part right before you get on and it started raining.
i really don’t know what’s so great about timbuktu at this time of the year.


ok i’m bored. let’s wrap this thing up.


cable ride home


the folks in the car.


the mediocre view. 
trust me, night was so much better.


we got back and decided to go makan and movie on the same day.
g-force was outta tickets so we took the 3D one instead.
turns out being tired like shit and sitting in the front of the cinema to watch a 3D movie is not such a great idea. you get a little dizzy and there’s nothing you can do about it because without the 3Dglasses the movie is practically a useless blur. plus i had to prop the glasses up with my hand against my face because i don’t have a nose bridge and it was annoyingly resting on my cheeks (what if i get more pimples?!)  T_T oh woe.

regardless, i had a good time with a bunch of happy people :)


day after, makan and shopping with yc, plh and yc’s uni friends, sze wei(omg i’m so dedicated, i went to yc’s blog to check the spelling) and charles.


lunch at ichiban boshi in pavilion.
(thanks charles!)


yc and plh
besties till the end of time.


big hair, small face, tofu and beef.

alright no more piccies… walked alot alots and had dinner at jalan alor (yum) but we ordered the wrong lala. sad. chicken wings were still awethesome thank god.
luck still hadn’t returned from timbuktu that day cos we had to walk in the rain  and afterwards when i was packing to go home i poured my fish into a plastic bag with a gaping hole and then had to fish (no pun intended) the flopping babes out of the sink. that and i don’t know how but i cut my finger while i was packing frantically. :(

‘til next time.
(which may or may not be in another 2 weeks)


- yaki yaki -

Thursday, September 3, 2009



haha i love this.
red suspenders + huge glasses = win.

and because i am a potentially creepy stalker, i also know they got to meet wondergirls!
totally deserved it imho. (the girl more so, obviously)
if you haven’t clicked it yet, wth watch!
i’ve replayed it at least 5 times already. haha.
i dunno, it’s amusing.


omgomgomgomg you need to watch this too (if you haven’t already)

she was on star king wtf geng chao and she can do the petpetboy move without looking stupid. major accomplishment! gah you probably have no idea what i’m going on about but if you follow korean stuff, watch this ep!!! amazing i tell you. (unless you all have already, and i’ve been left out of the loop all this while. i’m a little bit slow sometimes… it’s endearing [adamant])


or maybe i really only have 3 readers… is that it? T_T
come on people, i’d like to know whether the venusians or martians appreciate my splendiferousness more. out of curiosity. by no means am i plotting to take over a planet and in dilemma over which.

… or i might be. in which case you have all the more reason to vote because i will favour whichever race has better judgement, i.e likes me and my blog in all it’s plain glory  and graciously spare your home-planet (should you be the adoring race… because otherwise, you’re screwed. i’m going to bulldoze the shit out of your planet and build cloud castles with unicorns, rainbows and all that jazz… or toss a megabajigazillion cats/bunny rabbits onto the planet and let them multiply and roam free. whatever sinks your boat. imma do it. be afraid).

- no no no no no -

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dear bug-bite,



i am sorry i said you made me look like i had lyme disease, i really am. i was merely jesting. i always do. i didn’t mean to insult you. i admit, the resemblance was minute and it was totally uncalled for.

i know i refused to acknowledge you and instead, slapped BVC on you, thinking you were a rash. for that, i am also sorry. i should have paid more attention to you, washed you, cared for you.

i could have been a lot more attentive to your needs… not bring you out in the open so much, let you breathe in cleaner air and not suffocate you between my calf and thigh.

please forgive me for all my past mistakes.

i can change.


i will be eternally grateful if you can find it in your heart to accept my heartfelt apology and cease to abscess.


in deep repentance,
xinli T_T