Tuesday, September 29, 2009

addicted to scrabble

i need to play it at least once a day (what is this rubbish). like when i’m waiting for something, when the ads come on, before i go to sleep at night and even in the toilet when i anticipate a long crap. o.0
(on my cellphone lah. what, you think i bring a scrabble board into the toilet and play with myself is it?)

last few weeks ago, it was Diner Dash2 but i’ve since stopped because i already got expert scores [obsessive] on all the levels up to flo’s lounge and there isn’t a goal to reach anymore :(

howlah now? cannot stop. die edi.

speaking of which, littlest-fish died on it’s journey back to pj.
which also means i now have big-orange-fish and orange-and-white-fish… and thus am able to make room for future black-fish. hohoho. silver lining is very bright.

p.s. anthony, marry me already!

- gobbledegook -

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