Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dear bug-bite,


i am sorry i said you made me look like i had lyme disease, i really am. i was merely jesting. i always do. i didn’t mean to insult you. i admit, the resemblance was minute and it was totally uncalled for.

i know i refused to acknowledge you and instead, slapped BVC on you, thinking you were a rash. for that, i am also sorry. i should have paid more attention to you, washed you, cared for you.

i could have been a lot more attentive to your needs… not bring you out in the open so much, let you breathe in cleaner air and not suffocate you between my calf and thigh.

please forgive me for all my past mistakes.

i can change.


i will be eternally grateful if you can find it in your heart to accept my heartfelt apology and cease to abscess.


in deep repentance,
xinli T_T


Lisa ^^, said...

Kesian Limi.....XD

jess a.k.a. yp said...

get well soon!

xinli said...

thanks people.
looks like it's healing...
(what with the antibiotics i'm taking, it'd better!)