Thursday, September 24, 2009

the good stuff

quite often occasionally, i am possessed by some form of fleeting OCD. (usually when i’m bored.)
more often than not, it’s obsession about something or someone i find utterly awesome.

…and i’m gonna share some of that with you. (this is where you ‘yay!’) 
though i doubt everyone will love them as much as i do because normally when i’m super in love with something and go show someone, they find it okay only. –_-
but i don’t care, i’m gonna link them anyways.

blogs and sites.
i’m assuming upon discovery of a website you likes, a regular person would bookmark, click follow, or link it and call it a day. but sadly, i’m not exactly capable of doing just that. i have to go and read through the (entire if possible) archives, continually fixated on that ‘older posts’ button until it disappears.
to illustrate, i’ve read all the FMLs, MyDadIsaFOBs, passiveagressivenotes, FAILblogs, icanhascheezburgers, almost all of xiaxue (it gets tiresome after a while) and well… most of the blogs in my MuchLove list anyway.

basically i do what i can… sometimes thorough 'reading’ is somewhat impossible to achieve so i let them go. you know… stuff like Lookbook(too many) and Clever Girl Goes Blog(too wordy).

it’s the same thing for youtube channels. 100 over videos? no problem. it might take me forever but i will watch them all. communitychannel, EclecticeAsylumArt, mememolly, HappySlip... check and done.

oh wow, it’s a little bit crazy now that i start listing everything out. o.0

other stuff include crocheting(stopped already), tim burton – johnny depp movies (omg NEED to watch alice in wonderland ok depp is playing the madhatter. it will be insane! trust burton to come up with some eerie shit), tim walker’s photography… etc.

btw, i love love the narrator for Pushing Daisies! will try and watch the whole season in the coming hols :) from the ep i caught on telly (wahaaa telly! very brit and cutesy), it looks like it’s sort of fantastical and BigFish-esque with a dash of MyNameIsEarl-like queer. i forgot why i didn’t watch it the last time it aired…but ah, fret not… shall get around to it some time.

(ooh and because i wiki-ed BigFish for you guys, i’ve just discovered miley cyrus was in it. wtf)



had fun at ell’s doing a little scrapbooking today :)


ika, come back and collect your cutest-diary-in-the-world!




off to makan tomorrow :)


p.s. omg i might possibly start hating microbiology now that we’ve stopped learning about cultures and started on actual microbes. i don’t think i need to can memorise the what-where-when-how of a bajilion microbes. wth is 45 slides of approx 12 lines of words each on Clostridium spp. alone? madness.

madness, i tell you.


- “to the vapid and ethereal” -


Lisa ^^, said...

OMG. Did you do that "cutest-diary-in-the-world"? It's sooo....CUTE !! :)
Awwwwww. Soo sweet laa. You're talented ! Really :P

xinli said...

haha we bought it la...
did some mods though :D