Thursday, September 3, 2009



haha i love this.
red suspenders + huge glasses = win.

and because i am a potentially creepy stalker, i also know they got to meet wondergirls!
totally deserved it imho. (the girl more so, obviously)
if you haven’t clicked it yet, wth watch!
i’ve replayed it at least 5 times already. haha.
i dunno, it’s amusing.


omgomgomgomg you need to watch this too (if you haven’t already)

she was on star king wtf geng chao and she can do the petpetboy move without looking stupid. major accomplishment! gah you probably have no idea what i’m going on about but if you follow korean stuff, watch this ep!!! amazing i tell you. (unless you all have already, and i’ve been left out of the loop all this while. i’m a little bit slow sometimes… it’s endearing [adamant])


or maybe i really only have 3 readers… is that it? T_T
come on people, i’d like to know whether the venusians or martians appreciate my splendiferousness more. out of curiosity. by no means am i plotting to take over a planet and in dilemma over which.

… or i might be. in which case you have all the more reason to vote because i will favour whichever race has better judgement, i.e likes me and my blog in all it’s plain glory  and graciously spare your home-planet (should you be the adoring race… because otherwise, you’re screwed. i’m going to bulldoze the shit out of your planet and build cloud castles with unicorns, rainbows and all that jazz… or toss a megabajigazillion cats/bunny rabbits onto the planet and let them multiply and roam free. whatever sinks your boat. imma do it. be afraid).

- no no no no no -

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