Saturday, October 10, 2009

mid-autumn’s fest and misc

so according to my poll, i have 25 readers in all.
of the 25, 7 are martians, 12 are venusians and 6 are idiots.
good job, all 6 of you who voted ‘i don’t know’.

today, i spent the whole day doing mostly nothing. it was awesome.

there was a thunderstorm and i went to sleep without having to wake up to an alarm. ^^

feeling a tad bit melancholic as of now though. the warm fuzzy feeling from the week kinda wore off. i guess it couldn’t have lasted forever… i don’t know about you but somehow, i think this year’s mid-autumn’s fest was very mid-autumn’s fest, if you get what i mean. you probably don’t but whatever. someone hypothesized that it was because Moonlight Resonance was playing on astro. could be i suppose.

but anyway i did lotsa very MAF things :)

visited the grandparents in malacca! MAF was never a big deal. we didn’t purposely have dinner together at all for the past 20 years of my life (subject to argument since i cannot properly recall the first 5 or so) but we actually had a reunion lunch thing. warmfuzzyfeeling contributor #1

IMG_8092 IMG_8098

hairband and redface very salah, please ignore thankyouverymuch.

glad i was home in little old seremban with my kitty cats to play with :)
ginger was happy i was home too!
weren’t you, ginger?


oui, mon cheri.

clearly, he gladly agrees.
warmfuzzyfeeling contributer #2


in other news,
i painted my nails and they were pretty!


well, actually i just wanted to post this picture because i like it. hah.


had little mooncake gatherings with the gang for two consecutive nights because we are that happening. jess vroom-ed down from kl so we had drinks at starbucks with jeewei and ells, moped around jusco for a bit and then joined the people at ywk’s. we did super happening things like eat mooncakes, drink chinese tea, munch pomelo and gossip til the early morn. i know, you are so jealous of our happening-ness.

i’ve no pics from the first night but here are some from the 2nd at teo’s where we upped the excitement by eating peanuts and drinking lychee, chrysanthemum and wintermelon! (in addition to mooncakes and tea, obviously). it’s shocking, how very happening we are.


3 stooges.
here, we see teo fiddling with the electric mosquito racket with which he later demonstrated his apparent masochism thick skin by repetitively generating sparks from hitting it with his bare hand. bravo. you are legend. we will all remember the hand-in-coals and koi-fish-swallowing… right next to ywk’s iridescent maroon-blue bellbottoms ;)


the other 2 missing from the first picture.

can’t believe we’ve been friends for almost 8 years now.
warmfuzzyfeeling contributor #3.


had to go back to uni afterwards, where MAF is always a big deal.


at some concert the week before. i have no idea who those two were but they were really good. lol



verging-on-obesity me at a meet-and-greet session with yue lao, the matchmaking deity after my 1 hour presentation (which had nothing to do with him, in case you were jumping to conclusions)
i look horrid here but it’s quite amusing so i shall post it anyway.


DSCF6223   DSCF6224 

at the annual PTUM (pesta tanglung um) cultural night where they hold a very elaborate musical.
took me like 5 minutes to decide which picture to post because my face is bulat in one and funwee looks semi-retarded in the other… but i settled on putting both up because i’m useless at decisions.
ah, life’s conundrums!


always a huge event where the tickets are sold out and people arrive 2 hours early to make like cattle and shuffle along those zigzaggy queues that we all feel so stupid following when empty. it was worth it though… we got to sit at the 6th row or so :)


caught in the act of chewing through my notes.
(had a test the next day. ‘tis the life!)


this year’s musical was about a clumsy, scatterbrained deity who accidentally falls onto earth and how he affects the lives of people in a little village. you know… unity, understanding, compromise, love. that sort of thing. it was more comic and joyful compared to last year’s which was more towards touching omfg sad.


the opening dance number.
i think it’s safe to say the set wowed us all.


there’s actually a functional second floor okay! does that not impress you?
but then it got boring after a while cause they just used that backdrop from start to end.


some artsy shadow-work for a battle scene.
i like.


hahahahahahahahaha. damn hilarous.
cause the hairy chest dude is our junior and we were all wtf.

well it was alright as a whole. some technical glitches here and there. kinda made you feel sorry for them… to have the technical stuff screw up on you at the most crucial conjuncture after all your hard work and practice, you know? but at the end of the day, i still think last year’s was better. haha. it was all much more professional than this year’s. can’t quite pinpoint it but i think the dance numbers were more synched then… and they had a couple of sets :) and and it was more thought provoking in a way.

warmfuzzyfeeling contributor #4 i guess?


so here i am, back to placidity.


last thursday’s test was cancelled so it felt like freedom… short-lived as it was since the next test is on monday, still bloody enjoyed it. felt so free, in fact… i watched roman holiday and made an animation of my fishes.  but my imageready is effed up and wont save it as a gif so my hardwork is wasted and you will be deprived of it’s quirky goodness.


to compensate, here is another for hilarity.


the girls at extreme UV-consciousness. lol
if you will notice, they are actually trying to hide beneath the narrow shadow from the billboard. 
i took the traffic-light shadow which was in all sillyness, much much slimmer and offered virtually no shade whatsoever (in our defence, it was scorching burn-your-legs-under-black-slacks-off and the walk-light just turned red).


“Oh You can say that I'm the one curly fry in the box of a regular…
Living in a fastfood bag making friends with the ketchup and salt”
– mraz :)


- shit threads are hanging off my fishes -


Lisa ^^, said...

Seriously babe, I don't think you look half as bad as you make yourself out to be ! XD You look GOOD. Ishh~
Ahaha but wow, you have such activities for Pesta Tanglung? Damn chunn. I don't think UKM's one is as nice. According to friends la, I've never actually been hardworking enough to get off my butt and go watch something I most probably won't understand. Aheh XD

xinli said...

hahaha. no lah, i'm just annoyed at how i pile on 20 pounds in pictures. very unflattering :P

you should try watching some time... it probably has subtitles. ours did anyway. hehe. but i suppose you wouldn't be able to fully enjoy the show if you had to keep glancing at the subtitles so... nvm. lol

Lisa ^^, said...

OMG come onnnn babe. You can afford to put on 20-fictional-pounds !! You are damn skinny. Unlike me. >.< My arms are like chicken drumsticks !!! Yikes.

Yeah, they DO have subtitles. But bu shuang dy la like that. hehe