Friday, October 16, 2009

my fish quack, my finals kill

remember the animation of my fishes that i mentioned some 2 posts ago?

you know, the one which imageready wouldn’t let me save as gif…

well i’ve fixed it!!! (thank the googlegods. i don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to google until just now, they have never failed me… plus the solution was so simple i hate myself for not googling earlier. boo.)


it’s a little bit jerky but hey, i have no control over the fishes ok!

and it’s annoying because the greens used to be all green and lush but the fishies have taken to stripping the floaties of their roots and gnawing the shit off of the long-string-experiment-used-water-plants.
that and i don’t think they’re getting enough sunlight so they are shrivelling up a little bit. (the greens, not the oranges)

of which i’m starting to grow minutely attached to now so i’m finally gonna name them! lol. haven’t thought of anything yet but if you have any suggestions, put ‘em in the comments!!





as for the finals timetable… finally out early this week (which is crazy because that’s what? like 2 weeks notice?? siao)


02/11 : Immunology

04/11 : Professional Writing in English
             Respiratory and Haematological System and Therapy

05/11 : AFEA 1106 (an elective so useless i will not even name it)

06/11 : Pharmaceutical Analysis

09/11 : Central Nervous system and Therapy

11/11 : Microbiology and Parasitology

13/11 : Medicinal Chemistry

16/11 : Semisolid and Liquid Dosage Forms


pro: completion on 16th. which means over a month of holhols!!!
con: papers on almost consecutive days. read: xinli does not do so great on quick reading.

i will not be sleeping right for 2 weeks… oh who am i kidding, i never sleep right anyway!

to rephrase, i will not be sleeping enough for 2 weeks.

but seriously… 9 subjects. it’s like SPM all over again except triple the study load and super time constraints. who the hell takes 9 subjects in uni man?? honestly.



and hor… i think the ‘hard’ SCRABBLE is cheating. i’ve switched to it since i’ve been winning the ‘medium’ relatively easily and now the programme is winning me by hundred over points each time :(  i tried looking up some of the words and they don’t even exist! (in the interwebs anyway). like wth is zooeal, towier, foen, and afald ???  [mutters under breath]


blog more later.



- stood on a dried gecko -


Lisa ^^, said...

OMG. The vid of your fishies is soo COOL. Even if it IS a lil jerky. But somehow, it reminds me of those old black-and-white films. Though this isn't in black and white. ahah
Walao weiiii. 9 subjects? How do you survive? I have 7 and I'm already dying !!! You start later than us, but end later too. By the time you finish I'll have spent almost a week in SANDAKAN Sabah with my roomie *rubbing in*

xinli said...

chaplin yea? :D

well, tell me how's sandakan when you get back. take lotsa pics!!
(as if i needed to tell you that)