Monday, November 9, 2009

the A in MIA

because i am not fond of little posts in my blog and absence makes the heart grow fonder.
(also makes people forget you ever existed. but hey, glass half full yea?)


2/11 MON it’s there. i knew it was there. it was ALL there. data retrieval… fail.
and had to answer a 12.5M question based on my knowledge of weed because i didn’t study for cannabis (no actually it was the whole drug abuse). what little i know was from tv, i.e. you smoke it, you can bake it into brownies and it makes you high. 3/12.5?  later i forgot about wanting to kill myself but my subconscious decided otherwise because i bit into a cili padi with all munchness… twice, before i spat it out in horror. the right half of my mouth felt like it got dunked into boiling vat of acid.


3/11 TUE
cannot.resist.urge. looking at everyone’s halloween party photos on fb and wondering why i’m such a huge nerd. [cries]


4/11 WED
super.the.depressed. i think i might be close to failing this SPDT thing. this could actually be rock bottom. i don’t think i’ve ever felt so lost in an exam before. it’s not like the first paper where i knew it and momentarily forgot. I HAD NO IDEA… and the worst thing about it is i tried so hard. i studied. i guess wouldn’t mind as much if i didn’t. you reap what you sow. in this case, bloody typhoon ripped out all my meticulously planted seedlings… no no, it took the whole chunk of my land with my house on it. felt like death and the lack of sleep didn’t help. couldn’t study for half the day afterwards. could might may perhaps have thrown my next two papers into jeopardy. [big crying face which ‘T_T’ does nothing to describe]
(no not even T________________________________T suffices)
thank you for cooking a nice warm dinner on a rainy day, ps and thank you for talking to me, you guys. it helped. 


5/11 THU
16pages 2hours. nuff said.
1.45am - OMFG why was i so selamba in the day?!?! so dead tomorrow. SO DEAD.


6/11 FRI
died i did. went to eat at the much anticipated new secret recipe at ppum and was very let down. thought can go there and lepak at days but it somehow feels like a hawker centre :( why hah? oh ya cause no AC. –_- and loads of people bustling by. did virtually nothing the whole day, went out for dinner with jl and ps… and am now damn sleepy. will treat myself for not sleeping enough for a whole freaking week. toodles. (it’s not even 12 yet!!!)
p.s. some weird shit i ate stained bits of my lips black. –_-


5 down, 4 to go!

 Snapshot_20091108 sleep till noon.


7/11 SAT
because i slept too much until my eyes bengkak wtf. close to 12 hours :D hereby consider myself having paid back my week’s sleep-debt in full. hohoho. will now resume nerding. please let me be capable of concentrating please let me be capable of concentrating. gotta snap outta this bumming state.
also, DO NOT EAT AT SPAGHETTI FARM. #%$^&*^%$#@ shen qi!


8/11 SUN
damnit, xinli. when will you ever learn that taking a break will lead you into the treacherous land of lazedom?


- ho hum -


Lisa ^^, said...

All the best babe ! It'll all be over soon !! Muakzzz~ *hugs*

btw, I like your schedule. So colour-colourful !!!! Semangat wanna study. Just a weeeeee bit la :)

xinli said...

blehhh. thanks for the encouragement:D

i love my highlighters!

jess a.k.a. yp said...

4/11 reminds me of my sem exam not long ago.. depressing, nuff said.

but hor, it's gonnna be over soon! hang on there ah li! sometimes i get overexcited thinking bout the stuff im going to do after excam till cannot concentrate.. lol.. zzz


xinli said...

i know exactly what you mean :)
lol. can't wait for the next 4 papers to be over and done with!