Tuesday, November 17, 2009

part II of that A thing


9/11 MON
had an uber long REM nap today. dreams were wonderful. am beginning to regret not studying the previous days already.


10/11 TUE
so at ease. it’s quite worrying. can’t stop eating. ty tells me i should continue.
(ty = tomyam :D)


11/11 WED

i change my mind. i have a sore throat. i am blaming the fries.

ruthie let’s have mcdelivery together! lol. talk about fickle

in other news, I AM GOING TO BANGKOK IN MAY! happy sial. if i weren’t i’d be pissed.
am also quite taken by this peter person that i’ve been following for a while. is it just me or is he terribly lovable? sometimes.


12/11 THU
bubbling inside with excitement as the finals’ end draws near. the holidays are gonna be over so quickly though!


13/11 FRI
it’s black friday, darlings!
am excessively happy about nothing in particular. it’s taking me quite some effort to stop grinning perpetually :D


14/11 SAT
omg you all have to watch  The Adventures of Pan-kun and James!!! they are sooo cute together!
and i am soooooooooo bumming around pretending to study :( 
but holidays are 2 papers away!!! how can one be in any mood to study at all?


15/11 SUN
running out of food reserves here. still need to survive another week. :(
sentence of the day: Finally, homogenization would ensure complete dispersion of the drug and a smooth and elegant preparation. puts a smile on my face every time i read it. 
hey oneeightoneonetwozerozeronine, bila you mau datang? can’t wait to see you at 11, hon!! we’re gonna have so much fun together.
oh envy not, restofnovemberanddecember. i’m looking forward to seeing you guys too :)


16/11 MON 
are you kidding me? sprinkles my foot.
if that’s what you call sprinkles, i’d like some with my fried chicken. TQVM.

how tired i am of this
unbearable distance between us
how i long for the toll of the recess bell
have you forgotten me?
grown mindless of me?
tell me i am not writing into an abyss
or that is what will become of my heart.

have you seen this video yet?


17/11 TUE
officially depleting my supplies. all i have left is one packet of 3in1 milo, one packet of instant cereal, 4 slices of cheese and a bunch of oat cookies. damn sad case man. what’ll i have in the middle of the night?
must go buy munchies tomorrow :)



and that’s it!
will be free in less than 24 hours.

see ya’ll on the other side :D


- it’s about time -

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