Thursday, December 31, 2009

the great holiday post


okay… somewhat misleading title up there. i mean ‘great’ as in the great, big, long-overdue post that will summarise the past month or so in the most haphazard fashion i can muster… not ‘great’ as in omg-my-holiday-was-awesome-schmawsome-and-i’m-gonna-tell-you-all-about-it!!! great. so yeah. don’t expect too much of me.

been back in um for 2 days now and have managed to oversleep on 2 separate occasions, one on each day, thereby missing two classes. [pats self on back with right hand and stabs self with left]

as luck would have it, one turned out to be non-existent and the other involved a 15 minute intro lecture. i slept in an extra hour and a half and saved myself a 30 minute walk to the arts faculty. i hereby propose a demotion from the title of officer of the outofluck division. amen. wtf the 2 week probation begins nao!

or maybe it should begin next week… cause you know, it’ll be a new year and mars will align with saturn while venus overshadows pluto (is pluto even a planet anymore? -ok i did extensive research ahem* and it isn’t really… it’s a dwarf planet but doesn’t that mean it’s a planet still? since, you know, it’s called a dwarf planet…anyhooo~), thus the cosmic powers of the galaxy will inevitably shift and cause major disruption in the balance of reukhanoince (which is a word i just made up because i have grown bored of the above attempt at godknowswhatiwasattempting) kthanksbye

just got back from dance practice (waowaowao wouldn’t you like to know) showered and shall now retire to my super comfy bed (explains a lot doesn’t it?) because now, i can has 3 pillows to snuggle up to! let’s hope i manage to wake up in time tomorrow for the 8am german lecture at…er… i will find out soon! all i know is there’ll be plenty of walking! smell ya later bulogureader.

it is i… yet again. does this confuse you? the whole multiple-day-condensed-into-a-post-with-no-clear-date thing. tell me. oh but i know you wont (why do i bother asking?) because you (yes, you!) are clearly not a very responsive reader of my blog. i do not appreciate your silence and stalker mannerisms. hmmph. save for lisa :) [glances over adoringly] lol. nahhh it’s rhetorical. not sure what point i’m trying to prove though.

so anyways… Guten Abend! Ich heiβe xinli. Und Wie heiβen Sie?

yepyep i made it to the german lecture on time :D it was pretty interesting… Frau YiChern was super nice and super pleasant, there were a grand total of 7 students and 4 were us of the BPharm. oh oh and i concede that german is an incredibly(sehr) complex language lah. FML. what do i do now? so so keen on this before but is it worth it? can i cope? no i don’t think so. FMLFML. already balancing precariously at the edge of the ditch. what’s more, it’s a twice a week thing located at faraway lands accessible only by foot… leading to soresoresore feet :( nolah can drive there also but we don’t have car. FOL. why anikuan??? (which, by the way, is not german. it’s hokkien for ‘like this’ god i love abusing parentheses!)

oshhh… and we met this blonde swiss chick on our trek back to the hill where we rot and totally applied our amazing capabilities to greet. however, her reply in a full-fledged german sentence was utterly indecipherable. might’ve been a little bit more ideal though, had we remembered how to say nice to meet you. lol.

which, should you have no inclination to know whatsoever, is ‘Freut mich, Sie kennen zu lernen’
see la! no kaitan with english at all and not the slightest tinkling of bells.

Na ja, Auf Wiedersehen German!

and thus the dilemma of the suitable elective continues to plague the week. stay tuned for the next episode of THE BOTHERSOME ELECTIVE~


went shopping at sunway today and kinda went a little crazy… haven’t shopped in monkey years (not even in singapore!) so i guess it’s okay. i mean… ya gotta get clothes for cny, no? and besides… the red tags in cotton on excite me.

uh oh… i think i got a little carried away with the intro to my holiday post and it’s been a couple of days already ican’tkeepdoingthis! wont be able to blog in the next few days cause i’ll be home and stuff will be happening. majorly interesting stuff. like lazing, being awesome and cuddling my cats. so tell you what, i’m gonna stop here and do the holiday post later.

HAH do you feel cheated?!

serves you right for… whatever recent wrong you’ve done! pblthhhh :P



here’s a sneak peak of what may or may not be coming soonish


give me back my holidays!



don’t talk technicalities with me. [narrows eyes] omgi’mblindddddddd~


- tragic, this life -


Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. You're always so crazy funny and random. LOL. I really did miss this !! :)
Dance practice?? Oohhh. Tell more !!
And German? Wow. It's reaallllyyyy tough to learn. Salute the effort !! hehe Why not take another language as PB? Like Korean (like me !)? Then we can converse secretly across blogs in Koreannn~ teehee
Anyong haseyo ! :) (oops this should be at the beginning)

p.s: I read your blog and comment cos it's fun. Not cos I'm into you, or anything remotely stalker-ish !! (just in case you didn't know) wakakakaka XP
Miss ya babe !! Happy New Year !!! GBU :)

xinli said...

wahaha you will never know!

i wanna take french or korean but korean's clashing and french is full. wehh gu reh??? vegurei? haha dunnolah. supposed to mean 'why'.

omg... i thought you loved meeee~ T_T


p.s. wth is GBU?
good bye underdog?
gotta be unwell?
gosh bunny ultraman?

okfine, not funny.

jess a.k.a. yp said...

ehh got cheated .. thought you wanna blog bout your holidays, ada fun trip ke.. cisss ! lol. the sunflowers.. but why are they grey..? and you are learning german..! and ruth's french?!! oops i miss a word .. ahahahahha..
my schs starting tmr ahahaha ok la be good and kuai kuai update ok!

xinli said...

eloooo poyo:D

will come around to it later...haha.
sunflowers are grey because someone was trying to be all artsy and decided to plant a patch of faux grey sunflowers in the sg botanic gardens.

won't be taking german anymore... too tough and besides, i prefer french. maybe next time :D

and i will try!