Friday, January 22, 2010

i feel like egg tarts



all squishy and sweet.


but instead i had a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich…

all squishy and sweet.


it saddens me that i don’t blog like i used to.

it saddens me that people die.
it saddens me that things don’t happen as planned.
it saddens me that friends drift apart.
it saddens me that the pool is a patchy yellow.
it saddens me that i lose my nerve.
it saddens me that there is never enough time.
it saddens me that i don’t know.
it saddens me that friday classes don’t end till 5.
it saddens me that people hurt.
it saddens me that the perfect heels evade me.
it saddens me that i think too much.
it saddens me that i think too little.
it saddens me that bananas rot.
it saddens me that my skin heals too slow.
it saddens me that i can’t bring myself to study right now.
it saddens me that i am saddened by so many things.

and yet, i suppose life goes on.

- and it’s okay -

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

russian arts and culture = wtf



so yep… pretty much the confirmed elective now. well, it is after all past add and drop week. went for my first (the 2nd) class last week and it was wtf all the way.


cabbed to arts faculty because i’m useless and i have useless friends ;)
was misinformed :P and searched the new arts building upside down. only to discover later that it was in the linguistics faculty T_T

class turned out to be in the video studio. complete with on-air/standby sign above the entrance, a bajillion spotlights overhead, an elevated metal stage thingey (nehh, the type where people stand and toss faux snow over a play) and 2 flat screen LCDs.

lecturer was an old-ish russian man in a shirt too tight for his tum. started talking in heavily accented english and i was all relieved because the class would be in english but alas, he went on to say "kursus ini akan diajar dalam bahasa melayu” and went on to ramble in near-perfect and very quick malay. yeah, his is probably better than mine…

showed us a very wtf music video of a russian singer (the type with long wavy locks and a half-buttoned shirt. male, just in case you got the wrong picture) that was filmed in malaysia. i don’t know how to explain it so you just have to trust me, it was wtf alright.

he later attempted to demonstrate more traditional russian songs with ‘kalinka’ sang by a military choir at a concert… only thing was, there were these very eccentric and out-of-place band of guitarists with over-the-top elvis wigs doing crazy stunts in front. i can’t seem to find the video of it on youtube though :( i wanted so much to share the wtfness with you guys… EH WAIT I FOUND IT! omg i am so good at searching lah. too bad it’s of a lower quality.
embedding is disabled so HERE IT IS!!!  MUST WATCH confirm laugh die.
(watch la kays, i searched so hard for it :D)

(saved my fave for last)
had about half an hour left after he finished his lecture and proceeded to let us watch a russian cartoon on video. you guys are so lucky i managed to find it on youtube because it’s not to be missed! lol.
sigh i can’t decide which part i should show you because it is all very random and unconventional (and wtf). involves singing donkeys, transsexual gypsies and half-naked men with green leafy armpit/chest hair. don’t say i didn’t warn you. watch without the subtitles for maximal wtfness (we didn’t have the luxury of any).

tell me that didn’t make you laugh!
(or just stone in silence at the very least)
part1 and part3
well i gotta say, i liked TBER1307 in all it’s wtfness (for now).
where else do you get to watch cartoons and play with matryoshka dolls in a lecture?
notice how they all have different faces and hairstyles?
- VITAS is russian!! -

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the real great holiday post


so where do i begin??

why, with the commencement of HOLIDAYS of course!
(i really wanna blog about australia… procrastination and the busy hols have got the better of me. i really wonder if i will ever ever ever get around to it :( let’s clear these hols out of the way first eh?)


had to stay back for a couple of things so i was in pj for a bit after the finals…


here we are at this korean place in ss2 called ‘korean house’… how absolutely unpredictable! :D


shirhwa n kyying nomming away.


we were pretty much the only customers they had at the time and there were a bunch of waiters that looked more burmese than korean (as is the case with ko hyang. bleh) and they all sported white starched shirts, bowties and big friendly smiles. sometime into the lunch, they disappeared one by one and when we asked for the bill, the waiter who was previously all mr. starchybowtie came out in a singlet and surf pants… complete with tattoos. all that was missing was his surfboard wth.

but the food was yummerz and i wanna go back there again :D

then we hopped down to sunway when we had a free day to ourselves…
it was all really vague and planned but unplanned. ended up bringing both socks and a swimsuit because i wasn’t entirely sure whether we were gonna end up skating or slip and sliding in sunway lagoon. speaking of which, i haven’t been since i was a kid!!! something always comes up when anyone plans a trip :(

lunch at canton-i


siokhui n shirhwa with this very canggihly named tea. as usual, i have forgotten what it was. 
but it’s pretty, is it not?


and then us with the customary dragon fruit juice which is slurpyums…


trying to utilise the mirrors they had…
and by the way, i am not going back to canton-i ever again. took me a couple of lunches/dinners to realize this but the food is ridiculously overpriced, their noodles are meh and the congee is gross la like eating starch only. their only saving grace is the cute piggy buns (i tried to find the pic of them but my Pictures folder is one big mess. need to reorganise!!!) but even those are hardly worth the price.


took photos at some promo thing going on.


proof that we ended up ice-skating instead of lagoon-ing.

i’m actually pretty good you know! i don’t know why, but i don’t really mind skating mindlessly in circles with the 100 odd people. i still can’t brake though :( almost made it through without falling but was dragged down into a heap on wet slush :D it was fun.

then dinner at papa john’s


which was not bad. they had these weirdass pepper pickles.


then erm the bunch of us crashed at midvalley
(i think i’ve been to midvalley ten times as often as i’ve been to jusco s2 this last year o.0)


the sixth-formers chilling at secret recipe cause i wanted cake.
we somehow drifted towards each other at the beginning of the first sem of first year like flotsam and jetsam in a whirly current… i’ve no idea why but i reckon it has to do with the whole culture shock we experienced. it was quite horrible at the time (for me anyways). lol. i guess what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger… or more tolerant to a myriad of nonsense at the very least.


group shot after a midnight movie.

crazy a lot of people. the line at gsc almost made a full circle around the circular balcony thing… at noon. about 10 shows were sold out already at that time. mad crowded. i think 95% of the people in the queue were buying 2012 tickets because they even had to announce the full shows to send people still in queue away… gotta say it did live up to all the hype and contemplative fb statuses! all throughout the first half i kept going ‘omg this is so awesome they were so right i can’t believe this is such a great movie what if i die tomorrow?!?!’ and then it kinda went downhill from there.  i grew a lot less contemplative and awed after people started to get saved repeatedly, building after collapsing building and land after swallowing land… you gotta let someone die! the hot russian pilot doesn’t count, he’s obviously just eye candy (and a job well done, i say!)

btw, after much thought and weighing of pros and cons, i will now be taking TBER1307 RUSSIAN CULTURE AND ARTS! i think. at least that’s the plan for now. super ganjeong cause i was repetitively refreshing the ‘Senarai Kelas Elektif Luar yang masih ada kekosongan’ since a couple of days ago and then *poof* these 2 places appeared so i scrambled to log in and register but misspelled my password twice and then had to drop 2 courses to make way (long story) and when i finally did submit the code for the umpteenth time, they came up with some malfunctioning webpage. T_T ganjeong die. thanks to plh, found out all i needed to do was to switch to the english version of the webbie and they lived happily ever after. the end.

edit to add: they did not live happily ever after yet. tell ya’ll some other time when things have settled.

ahem. where was i? oh ya… plus you can’t very well have every other character in the movie tearfully calling their loved ones and having sweet sorrowful conversations! (i’m ashamed to say i cried at almost every phone-call T_T and when the president died and when the indian family was tsunami-ed and when… okay enough.) it’s just very passe after the 2nd one.


next up, failed to garner enough people and a ride to broga hill which has since become quite a fad. i think there are at least 5 broga hill albums on fb from entirely different cliques. –_-

so, uh, this is us after the movie.


trespassed at the nice new toilet near the science faculty in the middle of the night and took this piss shot. we are quite salah, i don’t deny :D
the ladies was still under construction but i’m thinking it’ll be really nice when it’s done. has this whole open air vibe with plants and stuff behind the sinks… a tad bit reminiscent of the singapore zoo toilet! but i’ll probably not be going there anytime soon, what with it being in the middle of nowhere.

compensating for the missing broga hill hike with yet another hill :D bukit cinta! 
so named (i’m guessing) for it’s infamous empty streets ideal for parking cars and doing naughty things in… or maybe just enjoying the night breeze on a romantic stroll? haha.


well whatever it is, we didn’t catch any action. drove here as opposed to last sem where i walked, crazy a lot around um with a bunch of lovely people who are somehow dangerously fading into oblivion :(


at any rate, this bunch is equally lovely in their own mad bouncy ways :D

we traipsed around aimlessly until nearly 4am and we almost went for the 4am currywantanmee (which is a stall which opens only at 4 and is often sold out by 6. don’t ask me why the lady decided to open shop at such an ungodly hour in the first place, but she’s obviously found her niche!) purposely woke up at a later date to nom at this quaint stall and it was fab! or it could be because we were all starving… either way, it was fab!


then i got back to lil ol’ seremban…


only to head back up again with ell a few days later.
that’s her dashboard right there, with the whole eclectic deco going on.
guanyin, teddy, mittens and a cross… none of which has anything to do with the other. lol.


crashed at jess’s, helping her mess up her room
…as is the ritual :D
(well i speak for myself here cause ell’s a neat freak)


ebizai was fresh home from down under!


fugubi was terribly sick though…
so we went to get meds (and MC) with her so she could come hang with us! hehe
it was a legitimate medical leave okay! she really was sick. swear.

ended up wandering around the gardens after lunch…or was it dinner? at sushi zanmai, another place i will cease to visit as often after my previous phase of adoration and craving. it somehow doesn’t taste as good anymore…
landed ourselves soon after in the land of cute-useless-things aka action city!


     with the life-size domokun omg so damn cute!


natalie and jess
i love this pic! it’s beyond cute :D
both very doumai-ly bought sets of miniatures.

this trip was mostly lan-ing in the leong residence… one activity i do best. haha. especially since fugu’s bed has a somewhat consistent soporific effect on me.


then finally home in the CLK (of the lame abbreviation variety) 
the evening sky was glorious, the diamond studded highway was lovely and my camera does nothing to capture the essence of all that was.


home again!

what’s changed?
ju was briefly enamoured with the neighbour’s new, old beagle.


who was a darling bitch but went mad at the sight of the catses.


ju and the beagle


then came the start of the reunion spree!


with the ixora girls (my form4 and form5 class was ixora, it’s not that i particularly like ixoras)
had a fun time chatting at janice’s and catching up!


later vroomed off to lcct to get am am back from aus.
on the way, there was a rainbow!!!


couldn’t get a better picture of it, but it was a whole quarter of a circle!
i don’t think i’ve ever seen a full rainbow…

we got there and her flight was missing from the arrival board. ganjeong-ed die because she took quite a while to come out. lol. but all is well and am is home… kept up the ongoing tradition of dinner at daidei!

ermm… then am, ell and jw left for singapore and abandoned me in seremban to rot. sob

so that’s exactly what i did.
lots of drama watching :D finished a season of ‘house’ and ‘you’re beautiful’!,
lazed lazed lazed,
took pictures of copulating dogs,


hahaha damn hilarious. at one point there was a third dog standing between them like a judge but i was too slow.

and made hair accessories!

  IMG_9290 IMG_9379

damn, i’m talented.
later realised the peachy nude twins look like i’m growing mushrooms outta my head from the front. bleh.


i can has reunion #2


the girls + me looking very unglam.

huayyen n lisa with our highschool chem teacher pn.siti!
so young, can?


girls will be girls :)


the gorgeous yeanyee,
still ever so mental :D


and the whole lot of us ixorians! well, ones who made it anyway…

btw, never going back to the rasah curry leaf ever again!!! service was terrible; people forgot orders and it seemed like the only one working was the boss. there weren’t even that many people there and everything took ages! they used to make such good food. i ordered maggi goreng and it tasted like someone tipped the whole salt shaker in. horrible. [gag]


(are you tired of reading yet? cause i’m no where near done)

bonus picture.


marmaladedua snuggling up to my feet at night.
i miss sleeping with him already…


i can has reunion #3!


at tarot with the U65-ians


eulei all ablur and keenhong who’s apparently threatening to stab me to death with a pink bendy straw.
both are at upm now… and i forgot what they were doing… once again. something masscommy and businessy.


used to sit next to her in class and talk incessantly while she copied notes.
wish i was half as hardworking. heh.
now in sabah doing medic.


joyan :D
ever joyful, ever talking/singing.
in ukm, dancing and stuff. lol.


minwai, class manager.
(yep, st. paul calls their monitors managers)
currently in… i forgot, doing something psychology. i think.


and we celebrated kayling’s birthday!
(i only found out mid-dinner… sorry, i’m useless with dates)


a candid of keenhong doing an incredible hulk impression.
no, actually i’ve no idea what he was doing. haha. just thought it was cute.


anddd the group pic! :D


visited the grandparents in malacca


there’s beauty in puddles :D
this particular one caught my eye as i was leaving… picture doesn’t quite translate but ohwell, it shall remind me of beautiful puddles.


and i’ve made it as far as 12/12/09

i’m a terrible blogger :(

- kthnxbyecyalllater -