Tuesday, January 12, 2010

russian arts and culture = wtf


so yep… pretty much the confirmed elective now. well, it is after all past add and drop week. went for my first (the 2nd) class last week and it was wtf all the way.


cabbed to arts faculty because i’m useless and i have useless friends ;)
was misinformed :P and searched the new arts building upside down. only to discover later that it was in the linguistics faculty T_T

class turned out to be in the video studio. complete with on-air/standby sign above the entrance, a bajillion spotlights overhead, an elevated metal stage thingey (nehh, the type where people stand and toss faux snow over a play) and 2 flat screen LCDs.

lecturer was an old-ish russian man in a shirt too tight for his tum. started talking in heavily accented english and i was all relieved because the class would be in english but alas, he went on to say "kursus ini akan diajar dalam bahasa melayu” and went on to ramble in near-perfect and very quick malay. yeah, his is probably better than mine…

showed us a very wtf music video of a russian singer (the type with long wavy locks and a half-buttoned shirt. male, just in case you got the wrong picture) that was filmed in malaysia. i don’t know how to explain it so you just have to trust me, it was wtf alright.

he later attempted to demonstrate more traditional russian songs with ‘kalinka’ sang by a military choir at a concert… only thing was, there were these very eccentric and out-of-place band of guitarists with over-the-top elvis wigs doing crazy stunts in front. i can’t seem to find the video of it on youtube though :( i wanted so much to share the wtfness with you guys… EH WAIT I FOUND IT! omg i am so good at searching lah. too bad it’s of a lower quality.
embedding is disabled so HERE IT IS!!!  MUST WATCH confirm laugh die.
(watch la kays, i searched so hard for it :D)

(saved my fave for last)
had about half an hour left after he finished his lecture and proceeded to let us watch a russian cartoon on video. you guys are so lucky i managed to find it on youtube because it’s not to be missed! lol.
sigh i can’t decide which part i should show you because it is all very random and unconventional (and wtf). involves singing donkeys, transsexual gypsies and half-naked men with green leafy armpit/chest hair. don’t say i didn’t warn you. watch without the subtitles for maximal wtfness (we didn’t have the luxury of any).

tell me that didn’t make you laugh!
(or just stone in silence at the very least)
part1 and part3
well i gotta say, i liked TBER1307 in all it’s wtfness (for now).
where else do you get to watch cartoons and play with matryoshka dolls in a lecture?
notice how they all have different faces and hairstyles?
- VITAS is russian!! -


Ray[m]ond said...

haha. the "Kalinka" link was effin laugh die. I were imaginin hw ur lecturer explored to u guys in front thr. Whole screen must been "Shok sendiri" penuhx2.
ps, get chances introduce him to me. :D

xinli said...

haha i know right?
it's so incredibly random

Lisa ^^, said...

OMG I totally LOL-ed at the jumping men with the bouncy hair !!! XD

Jyphoon said...

Lol. That was a total WTF.
Wanted to put it in my shopping list for this coming semester's studies..
Luckily I googled for the course code and found your post on it.
Well, guess I'm gonna drop it off from my list now.... Not gonna make my final semester suffer by trying to enjoy the WTF-ness like you did. Haha.

xinli said...

heh. it's an easy A if anything =)