Monday, February 1, 2010

ohai, is me… your resident nyctophiliac


lab report, yearbook email and everything else i gotta do open… to remind myself in case i forget, i still have stuff to do.

…and yet  here i am, sitting on my bed, listening to the clock tick the seconds, the silent whirr of the ceiling fan and the tippity tap of the keys as i type.

it’s been a long week. lost sleep over tests and rehearsals for pharmacy night (which i will blog about soonish. tentatively. you know me) but now it’s all over and it was the best pharmnite ever! granted i’ve only been to two. lol.

nevertheless, kudos to the final years for putting this together!! and special thanks to yuezi, if you’re reading, for everything you’ve done :D


a little update on the goings-on before i continue :)


what’s new?

that’s what!

 IMG_0762 IMG_0775

i did the plants myself!!!
literally plucked the pennyworts from the garden and tied them to a rock wow why am i so sai lei.
oh and the fishes are pretty too.
i got a royal blue siamese fighting fish and two guppies with gorgeous tails (which totally look like butterfly wings ok) because the shopkeeper said fighting fish can cohabit with other fishes, so long as they’re of a different species. so weee~ i got 3 new fishies with am and ell.

(if you’re wondering what happened to the quackers, they died. i successfully migrated them back to seremban for the dec hols… two weeks later, my mom changed their water and they promptly went to fish heaven or wherever fishes go when they die)



it’s either that or my fish is an asshole
…because it would chase the guppies around the tank.


look at the poor little beautiful guppy’s shredded tail and that menace of a siamese.

so i guess i had to do what i had to do.


loaned a tank from plh with all the intention in the world of bringing either one home.
but i couldn’t decide which for the longest time… was a little resentful of the siamese and the guppies were super active and pretty so i figured i’d get 3 more and let them zip around the bowl in lovely rainbows and lug the blue menace back to seremban for my brother or something…

but the siamese was so damn beautiful


i mean, look at that!
how can anyone give that away, huh? huh? huh? 


so now they’re both sitting on my desk because i went home last week and forgot to bring either of them back. oh yeah, and the shredded guppy died a week later. no idea why. he wasn’t even floating. little thing sank and just lay there. so now i have 2 fishes, 2 bowls…





it’s a lot skinnier than the last one (which caved from all my clothes and random stuff i’d hang in there because it was so wide) but i like how sleek it is and how it is an actual wooden wardrobe instead of the cloth-over-steel-frame deal because now i can go to narnia! hahahahaha. should’ve gotten this wardrobe last semester. i always try to save money but end up spending more… argh. thanks mucho willsen for helping me put it together and sorry for slamming the door on your hand phaiksan!! lol.

and everything’s so yellow… LOL
bedsheet’s actually green but i guess too much of the wall is reflecting :D




well not exactly new… 3 weeks old and so passe but i thought i’d show you.
along with the missing blob on my phone. result of reckless handling :(



so uh… TODAY.

was great. sort of.

woke up at 1145 hours.
watched 5 eps of ugly betty.
it rained.
went out on a spontaneous crab nomming trip to kepong!


ky, the birthday girl with deep-fried mantous! yum.

“mine, all mine!!! nobody can have my mantous!!!”


cheesy crab.
was yum but kinda felt like throwing up midway. too cheesy for me.

oh how i adore you.

this much!

sweet and sour crab!!!
don’t feel like salted egg crab anymore.

IMG_1243 IMG_1233

all geared up and ready for action! :D


oh and let’s not forget the sensible duo who did all they could to educate the ignorant on the proper techniques of crab cracking. lol

the aftermath.
sad to say, crab didn’t quite agree with my tum…
tongue loved it though :D


the back of the bill with all our birthday wishes. lol
i was totally the first to draw a crab lah. can’t believe they all drew bigger ones than mine and stole my spotlight T_T
note the ugliest which has specs and mantou clasped pincers. ahahahahahhaha.


kay, i’m sleepy. can’t believe i stayed up all night and did none of my lab reports!!! BAD XINLI.


- smelly where art thou -


Lisa ^^, said...

Oh my...Kesian the fishie !!!! :(
But the Siamese really IS a pretty blue XD
I LOVE your nails !!!! It's soo COOL !! Where did you do it? :)
Fried mantousssssssss
OMG I hate you right now >.<

xinli said...

i knowww!!! SO SO pretty! :D

i got my nails done in pj by this really awesome manicurist. i think her name was xinli. LOL

long live deep-fried mantous!

Lim Julie said...

mimeiiiii!!! i wan me pillow cases!
on a side note i have overloaded on bedsheets so i can afford to give ya some =P

p.s buy more guppies n throw the fighting fish back to sbn (death row by omar lim for murder of zee poorlilgup)

xinli said...

i need pillow cases too!!
bring a nice bedsheet for me kays :D

and i decided to keep the fighting fish cos it's entertaining. haha. can aggravate it and make it all puffy.

Lim Julie said...

i guess torture by xinli-induced-irritation is a sort of punishment in itself...

remember to bring back the pillow cases oh...

xinli said...

caseS? thought it was just the blue one...

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. Care to offer your nail-painting services? :P

xinli said...