Wednesday, March 31, 2010




have you ever stared at the sunset so long you see blotches of black when you come back inside?


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Saturday, March 27, 2010

smile me a balloon



a week ago today.

because i do not believe in  blogging on time. or i might be too lazy busy for my own good.
your call.

putrajaya hot air balloon fiesta!


colourful things in the sky make me happy.



ell and i upon arrival.
because it was bloody sunny.
we did however scrap the umbrella idea because it was so cumbersome.



me being all yay when i wasn’t really.

totally went at the wrong time lah.
five measly tied down,  unsexy balloons and i was too late to get a ride.
apparently in the evening, there were 16 including darth vader :( , they were actually released, lighted and it closed with fireworks !@#%$#%



with mon, kesian, all the way from seremban.
you could have at least tried to look a little happier for the photo!



2 of the best.
they were going up and down for people all morning.
could’ve been meee up there :(



zorbs around the corner.
i wanted to go but they told me i was crazy and wouldn’t come with. bleh.
but the hilly stretch they were using didn’t have a sharp enough decline so the zorb people had to run together with the ball, rolling it along. turn-off.

so we contented ourselves with other activities.


predictable much?


my partner in crime and i 
with shades






and on the grass by the lake.
should have packed noms for a picnic! boo.


all three of us.
mon is in constant pic-fail mode.



the missed sign from above.



giant kid-filled beach balls!!
omg sooooo fun lah i wish i was a kid. this could be better than zorbing!
i don’t know why i’m so keen on being hamstered into a giant ball. lol
i think the theme of the fiesta was huge-air-filled-spherical-things day?


my three favourite candids of the day.


nice :D

not to be confused with my msn display


which was an omg-that-background-is-nice-i-want-one-there-too photo


i think her exact words were “ni kan na li chiu



gam yeng ah?


ell irritably giving mon the 101 on taking good photos of us.



ell got so annoyed and frustrated she wanted to fling his cam into the lake but then mon came running towards her in the most dramatic fashion and grovelled at her feet begging for mercy which happened to be an image so hilarious she couldn’t help but break into a smile.
nolah, i forget.



uh huh.
early birthday present from ju :D



hiding in the shade for a bit. it  was crazy panas out there.
came back one or two shades darker with two-tone thighs.



talk to the hand, ell, talk to the hand!



ell pouting.
5 balloons? are you serious?!
the reason you keep seeing the same 2 in the background is because they were the most presentable.
the other 3 were just blah.



disappointment is ugly.



but we get by :)





smiley balloon.
this one’s for you, hyma! :D



and… that was it. balloons came down at noon… like 2 colourful stuffed dog mites.

the end.

just thought i’d blog it out since ell hasn’t uploaded on fb yet.


- ice cream and mango pudding -

Friday, March 26, 2010

end of a bad week perhaps?


i certainly hope so.

week began with the major rental hassle. drove me crazy. i don’t like confrontations, much less being the bitch. it made me realise that sometimes, not being pushy doesn’t cut it. others can’t be bothered to trouble themselves with your interests until it concerns theirs. i lucked out, knowing one of the few exceptions. almost all has fallen into place now. almost. fingers crossed for minimal drama.

tuesday, wasted a couple of hours waiting around for the lab-that-didn’t-happen.

wednesday, was one of the lucky few who did get to do the OSPE (last one!) after 3 hours of sitting around waiting. for the rest, it was just another lab-that-didn’t-happen. scrubbed in and gloved all aseptically only to sit on a stool and suffer the worst itch in my ear for what seemed like eternity. i wonder what a surgeon does if this happens? ask a nurse to scratch? :D

thursday, all excited for the Russian A&C presentation cause we really did put our heart into it. we made a freaking model damnit


it’s us with the architect, rastrelli.



do you have any idea how hard it was to carve out like 60 windows?


are you impressed?
well the lecturer wasn’t :(


as if the sky had sensed the disappointment and turmoil of the week’s events…

today saw the awesomest thunderstorm ever.


sought shelter in some random tutorial room in the edu fac.
just sat in the dark and complained. loved it.

made it just in time for titas, which went really well.

hopped on over back to edu fac for ‘an easter thingy’
was famished and thus ordered mcdelivery, whence i found out that mcD lies!
told me they were sold out of mcflurries when plh ordered after and got them!!


with hyma, ruth and george backstage.
you guys were all wonderful!
i wish i could sing.
and ruth you were sooooo pretty i seriously didn’t recognise you. (not that you are normally ugly. lol)

gosh i miss you guys.


today also saw the demise of my umbrella and my trusty comfy flats.
umbrella inverted on me in the pouring rain, flat’s oversized bow fell off.

out with the old and in with the new, i say.


- let the streak be over -

Saturday, March 20, 2010

nine, nipples and seekor kutu di alam takjub



i happened to run into yokepoh at the gsc ticketing counter this evening… (no longer ‘this’. haha)

me: heyyy so what are you planning to watch?
yp: oh, alice in the wonderland
me: oooh… i saw it last week. wahaha
yp: cis. before this my friend was asking me whether i wanted to see ‘seekor kutu di alam takjub’.
me: there’s such a show? [gawk] [whips head around and squints at the posters] *mutters* what kind of name is that?
yp: err you know… a lice in wonderland?
me: ooooowhhhhh. [dies a little inside]

in all seriousness though, … LOL.

heh, so today is movie-review day also known as i-shall-now-count-the-ways-these-movies-awww-and-annoy-me day, because well i haven’t done one of these in a while and come on now, you and i both know you miss the blogging me, right?


[cranes neck to peer over the rippled waters]

[reels the line in a tad]


[yanks rod back]

hmph. i’ll blog tomorrow.


i is maitee hapi nowz.

going to see the balloons at putrajaya tomorrow (aka in a couple of hours)!!! :D
…and hopefully ride in one :D:D:D




after much anticipation – right from back in 2008! (i googled ‘alice in the wonderland’ in my blog to look for my previous anticipatory post and found so many. lol. can’t believe i talked about it so much. here, here and here), i went to watch it last sunday! in 3D!!!

and what can i say? it was most incredibly… mediocre.

i went into it expecting it to be a remake of AITW but it turned out to be a continuation of the story instead. (er warning: spoilers ahead?) which isn’t all bad, i mean, i can take a sequel.

came out of it, thinking it was pretty good… but in retrospect, it didn’t really live up to my expectations at all. i don’t know, maybe i expected too much. the cheshire cat, johnny depp and helena carter were awesome as per usual. the characters were contorted, and the hatter’s not at all as mad as he should be (though far more likeable than the annoyance that he was in 1951) i also didn’t like:

the white queen – never was a fan of anne hathaway 
the jabberwocky – eww… may be biased though because i have preconceptions. been imagining it in a different light since i was a kid. totally spoiled the poem for me… you can’t do this! i shall erase this image from my memory.
the bandersnatch – too kind!
the dormouse – he gets on my nerves
the lack of rose-painting by the knaves
the fact that it wasn’t Wonderland at all!!! what’s this underland nonsense?

i did however like the heads in the moat and the whole red queen theory.

as biased as i am on tim burton films, this one was not so great. i’d choose Sweeny Todd over this any day. remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Maybe burton should stay away from children’s classics.
i was sitting next to a bunch of kids in the cinema and i couldn’t help but wonder…

what if they never did see the original Alice in the Wonderland?

what if their entire idea of AITW was this?
that’s horrible! it isn’t at all AITW, and they should’ve put a PG13 on it. kids these days are different, i accept that… (heck their cartoons are so much more complex than ours were, remember when we used to laugh at tom and jerry? ben10 and spongebob are nothing like that.) but honestly it is entirely dreadful that one should miss out on the imaginary splendour and, for lack of a better word, wonder of Wonderland. it hurts to think that this AITW could be all they think of AITW. what of the singing pansies, the sweeperdog, the dodo and the doorknob? it saddens me.

that being said, i much much with all the muchness in the world prefer the original.


if you haven’t seen it, download. i insist.


okay… now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss



shall we?

so we were planning a steamboat this thursday after tests and russian. and i was all for the steamboat because well, it’s nice to sit down and boil a couple of things to unwind. but NOOOOO, qliang wanted to watch a mooovie. so i hopped online and picked the best one at a suitable time. and this was actually the first time i’ve ever heard of nine. wiki-ed it and found out about the cast:

Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini
Marion Cotillard as Luisa Contini
Penélope Cruz as Carla Albanese
Judi Dench as Lilli La Fleur
Nicole Kidman as Claudia Jenssen
Kate Hudson as Stephanie
Fergie as Saraghina
Sophia Loren as Mamma Contini
Andy Pessoa as Italian boy

(saraghina was really fergie! i knew it!!! she was so fat in the movie, i couldn’t recognise her. fergie is still very much i-gotta-feeling hot in my head)

now that is pretty impressive, no? plus its a musical, god knows how much i love musicals (NOT high school please, [retches]) i even youtube-ed the trailer to watch and it looked really promising! like all moulin-rouge-esque, sexy, exciting and grand!

so we picked this movie… well actually i did. of the 4 who were planning to watch, only me n plh knew what movie it was. funwee n kky were gonna watch alice but it was kinda sold out so they joined us (rather unwittingly). so there we were, the 6 of us, watching this movie i picked. (yes, all this rambling is neccessary)



that word pretty much sums it up alright.

95% of the trailer was played out in the first 10 minutes of the show. the whole show chronicles how contini (the director dude) exercises his infidelity with multiple very attractive women (no i do not mean sex scenes. well i suppose there are but we watched this in a malaysian cinema, remember?) and how his wife leaves him in the end.

we couldn’t help laughing out loud at the sheer ridicule, especially the ending. all that grandeur and action from the trailer? entirely figments of contini’s imagination. nothing exceptionally interesting happens in real life. he talks to a vision of his dead mother (sophia loren babehh! SOPHIA LOREN!! she certainly aged horribly) and wonders through life with his philandering ways.

costumes? awesome. loved claudia’s!
singing? awesome.
dance numbers? awesome. penelope cruz does risque cabaret! fergie plays a tambourine! lol

plot? 0

zadouness factor? 10 out of 10

i think maybe a lot of the zadouness came as after effects from watching the russian balet – romeo and juliet earlier in the day. it was sooo damn abstract lah. i came expecting something like this


and was given the complete opposite. omg it was soooo wtf. i need to google it for you now.

i can’t find ittttt~ must’ve been too ghastly, nobody bothered to take pictures of it. o.0
okay nevermind, i’ll tell you. i’m no ballet expert, but this was pretty unconventional. movements were all angular and stuff instead of the usual grace and they didn’t wear ballet shoes.

the way they acted it out was damn weird lah especially when romeo found juliet ‘dead’, he kept flinging her dead body around and when juliet found romeo dead, she lugged him from the bed onto a chair and flung herself on him (sideways) repeatedly. repeatedly because everytime she did, she rolled off him onto the floor. what the hell is that about?

okay nevermind… so juliet didn’t wear a dress throughout. she wore a silk corset-ish thing with silk boxers and leggings that were cropped at the thigh and ended midway at the calf. she wore that to the ball, she wore that to their secret rendezvous, and she wore that to get married secretly. omg those leggings were horrible. horrible i tell you!

oh and i forgot to mention, her silk corset-ish thing had protruding nipples. fake ones. kinda like madonna’s cones but not really because it was just the nipples. yeah. she got married wearing lingerie with fake nipples.

i’m more of a classics girl, i guess.


- balloons baby -

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hey, you


how’re you doing today?

i’m blogging… surprise! :)

so… home… not the best place to be studying for antineoplastics. totally not conducive. distractions galore and horribly soporific weather. i did 2 slides this morning (subject to interpretation; morning’s whenever i wake up) and hopped off to make pancakes.

IMG_1925 pretty yums.

btw, those are caramelised apple cubes… i realise they look like potatoes. hey this (instant pancake mix wtf) is pretty good for me okay… i’m your regular cooking-fail. can’t if my life depended on it.


oh oh!

here’s this facebook app psychology test thing i did yesterday. posting it here cause i think it’s interesting… not sure how true it is but it’s amazing because all they ask is about 5 or 6 questions which aren’t really questions. they just ask you to pick your preference to a couple of things (eg. pirates vs. ninjas). how the hell is that supposed to define who you are huh?

behold: my pseudo-psychoanalysis, with notes. haha.

Dear Xinli Lim, below are your PSYCHOLOGY PERSONALITY test result:

Mysterious... oftentimes, a loner. You know your true friends and only them are allowed to understand the real you.
mysterious? i don’t know, you tell me.
loner? probably. i guess i am prone to doing a lot of loner-ish things… and i’m pretty contented being alone, doing my own thing. could be a potentially detrimental quality… but oh well.
and isn’t everyone like that with friends? i mean, you can’t be wearing your heart on your sleeve all the time.

You’re usually expressive... Open about your emotions and most of the time willing to talk about it.
really? cause i always thought i was a bottler but i think a lot has changed about me… like my propensity for blurting out increasingly lame things. i used to be the cool kid, you know (maybe?) but i guess that phase has passed and i am now that girl who says stupid things. the thing is… people point it out all the time and i am a tad embarrassed. just a tad.

You love deeply... you may flirt along and people think you’re a playboy/playgirl but the truth is: your heart belongs to only one.
i'm a flirt??? ;)

You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!
creative is… oh my god. i just realised i think in mandarin now. like the first thing that crosses my mind is in mandarin. actually, come to think of it, sometimes i even exclaim stuff in mandarin around ell when i actually speak canto to her. it’s weirding me out. and i can’t for the life of me think of the english word for ‘mian qiang’ cause i wanna say that creative mian qiang ke yi jie shou. WTF. [helpless]

You’re an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend... You don’t care if your partner doesn’t really love you as long as you love him/her. You give your all...
sigh. so i’m on the losing end eh?

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.
elite? sophisticated? i could work with both :D nice… but still on the losing end. the lack of companions does however offer a good loner prognosis.

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.
haha… i don’t know about this one. a little too far-fetched.



there’s this warm happy feeling inside. can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s there like an itch you can’t locate or walking into a spider web. might be the milo kosong ais, finding out that pharmacognosy was postphoned, the anticipation of finally seeing tim burton’s alice (OMGexcited!!!), laughing inside at silly LOLcats or just reading peter’s awww-ful future wife letters (it could be a novella!)



i’ll leave you with that. talk more in a couple of days…


meanwhile, should you have any trouble conjuring up an image of me in your mind at will,
here’s a picture of me and my very first large volume parenteral!



i.v. dextrose, stat!


told you i was getting lamer.
don’t say i didn’t warn you.

- *burp* -

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i wish there were 48 hours in a day




i want to blog…

about anything and everything.

but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon because i’ll take ages to sift through photos picking on every flyaway lock of hair, unfortunate zit and weird expression and be really anal about what i caption or say and then probably abandon it midway because i lose patience and interest too easily but it'll still be 24 hours a day. indefinitely. and that sucks.

so here’s something that i found amusing… for laughs.

(or not [shrugs]… i’m sorry but we can’t be friends anymore if you can’t laugh at the things i find funny)

(nawww… that’d be juvenile, i’m turning 22 in exactly a month’s time. gotta practice being all mature and stuff. omgomgomgomgomg dua puluh dua. aiminggggg, i need to moan and gripe with you this very moment!!! T_T)


“matanya seperti dua kabus,
separuh senyuman, separuh tangisan,

matanya seperti dua penipuan
yang diselubungi kabut nasib malang."

– Zabolotsky on Struyskaya (as translated by my russian a&c lecturer- he who speaks better bm than me)

who, by the way, looks like this…





and since we’re on the subject of random unrelated pictures,


my nail is blood red.
my blood is nail red.
my red is nail blood.


- so i look to my eskimo friend -