Friday, March 26, 2010

end of a bad week perhaps?

i certainly hope so.

week began with the major rental hassle. drove me crazy. i don’t like confrontations, much less being the bitch. it made me realise that sometimes, not being pushy doesn’t cut it. others can’t be bothered to trouble themselves with your interests until it concerns theirs. i lucked out, knowing one of the few exceptions. almost all has fallen into place now. almost. fingers crossed for minimal drama.

tuesday, wasted a couple of hours waiting around for the lab-that-didn’t-happen.

wednesday, was one of the lucky few who did get to do the OSPE (last one!) after 3 hours of sitting around waiting. for the rest, it was just another lab-that-didn’t-happen. scrubbed in and gloved all aseptically only to sit on a stool and suffer the worst itch in my ear for what seemed like eternity. i wonder what a surgeon does if this happens? ask a nurse to scratch? :D

thursday, all excited for the Russian A&C presentation cause we really did put our heart into it. we made a freaking model damnit


it’s us with the architect, rastrelli.



do you have any idea how hard it was to carve out like 60 windows?


are you impressed?
well the lecturer wasn’t :(


as if the sky had sensed the disappointment and turmoil of the week’s events…

today saw the awesomest thunderstorm ever.


sought shelter in some random tutorial room in the edu fac.
just sat in the dark and complained. loved it.

made it just in time for titas, which went really well.

hopped on over back to edu fac for ‘an easter thingy’
was famished and thus ordered mcdelivery, whence i found out that mcD lies!
told me they were sold out of mcflurries when plh ordered after and got them!!


with hyma, ruth and george backstage.
you guys were all wonderful!
i wish i could sing.
and ruth you were sooooo pretty i seriously didn’t recognise you. (not that you are normally ugly. lol)

gosh i miss you guys.


today also saw the demise of my umbrella and my trusty comfy flats.
umbrella inverted on me in the pouring rain, flat’s oversized bow fell off.

out with the old and in with the new, i say.


- let the streak be over -


LaiHui said...

omg, i really cant recognize ruth.. so pretty jor..

Lim Julie said...

i think the model is impressive!
how come ur lecturer doesnt think so?
others did more impressive stuff?

xinli said...

i know right!!! she should have cute her fringe ages ago :D

i suspect he is severely short-sighted (or long-sighted... not sure how it works) and thus was unable to appreciate the sheer complexicity of the model! haha.