Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i wish there were 48 hours in a day



i want to blog…

about anything and everything.

but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon because i’ll take ages to sift through photos picking on every flyaway lock of hair, unfortunate zit and weird expression and be really anal about what i caption or say and then probably abandon it midway because i lose patience and interest too easily but it'll still be 24 hours a day. indefinitely. and that sucks.

so here’s something that i found amusing… for laughs.

(or not [shrugs]… i’m sorry but we can’t be friends anymore if you can’t laugh at the things i find funny)

(nawww… that’d be juvenile, i’m turning 22 in exactly a month’s time. gotta practice being all mature and stuff. omgomgomgomgomg dua puluh dua. aiminggggg, i need to moan and gripe with you this very moment!!! T_T)


“matanya seperti dua kabus,
separuh senyuman, separuh tangisan,

matanya seperti dua penipuan
yang diselubungi kabut nasib malang."

– Zabolotsky on Struyskaya (as translated by my russian a&c lecturer- he who speaks better bm than me)

who, by the way, looks like this…





and since we’re on the subject of random unrelated pictures,


my nail is blood red.
my blood is nail red.
my red is nail blood.


- so i look to my eskimo friend -


Ray[m]ond said...
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Ray[m]ond said...

what suppose to do with the another 24hrs?

Imma slp, imma slp
imma imma imma slp
Imma slp, imma slp - imma imma imma slp
Imma slp, imma slp - imma imma imma slp? ;D

xinli said...

nah, 12 is more than enough.