Thursday, April 22, 2010

all manners of pleasantry


sekiranya anda belum menonton video yang hebat ini di bukumuka saya,

/cast Impressive level 99

that’s my cat… MY CAT!
he plays dead like the doggy in 200 pound beauty!!
beyond awesome.
credit also goes to me for being Clairvoyant level 50.

(if you listen carefully, you can hear the annoying bird that plagues my house in the background. woe.)


the finals are driving me mad.
3 down and 5 to go.
(remind me again why i am taking so many papers FML is this uni or sec school?!)

desperate situations call for desperate measures.


and there are desperates aplenty in facebook. lol


ahh… but by virtue of cheerio divination,


we’re gonna be alright :)

okay i lied, i staged this photo. when i was scooping the cheerios into the spoon right… the half-cheerio kept facing down in a frown and wouldn’t turn the other way for a number of tries.


yet i am still so slack.


smileys from today:


i’m sorry what…
why am i so funny?
beats me!



zin likes to draw stuff.
oh and before you people start thinking i’m mean, please lean forward within an inch of your screen, squint really hard and notice his personal message reads “feed me shit”
sigh, i am so thoughtful sometimes :)
quite a work of art, if i do say so myself.




don’t mess with me.



in an oddly pleasant mood today and have wasted my day away.

am also feeling particularly adorable!
haha  because i’m decked in pastels:
my tee is pink, my boxers are blue and my nails are purple :D


haha yes that is naruto sasuke (who cares) doing a kungfu-zen-shit-squat in a field of daisies and tulips.
he does flips into the air and lands on his feet when you force him to bow to you.
freaking amazing when he first did it 5 times straight without fault. plh, zy and i were so bloody amazed…
…and then he started falling flat on his face.


happy meal today.
should have asked the lady on mcdelivery for a girl toy.



- a frolic with the snipping tool -


jess a.k.a. yp said...

cheerios ! li don't be lazy !

xinli said...

i'm trying :)