Saturday, April 10, 2010

the big two two


everything from a couple of days before right up to a day after :D
note the teeny tiny scroll tab and brace yourself.

if you only scroll through the pictures, i have no respect for you *nazi* and you will be shot in your sleep.

with a point and shoot.

you’ll have pillowcase marks on your face, drool maps on your pillowcase,
and the worst ever mid-snore expression.


31st March

went for the MODA show with ellie in a spurt of midnight spontaneity
(which i have learnt, not a lot of good comes out of)


a little tacky, if i do say so myself.
reminds me of chinese opera. lol

somehow stylo’s shows are always around this time of the year… probably cause so are the F1 races!
miscommunication between a couple of people and we ended up reaching there wayyy late… :(
was at one (show, not race) last year with jess, actually, which was also very brief because we were also late.


but there were fire-blowers!
walked down the runway in true suspicious sakai fashion (no pun intended) and got turpentine or whatever they use to blow fire all over the runway (and some of the front row by the looks of their reactions. haha)


disastrous for the next collection


poor girl slip and slided all through and finally landed on her ass at the end of the runway even though she was wearing boots! kesian
… she still had to walk hobble her finale with the designers clamped on either side for support.
it was one of those moments that are embarrassing for both the embarrassments and the people watching.
we didn’t even get to find out who won afterwards because they suddenly decided to unveil the results at the finale show :(


alls well though, because then i had tea-ish dinner with ruth at midvalley soon after


the bubbly awesomeness that is ruth :)
really loved hanging out with you girl, we should do it more often!
haha, we both know we wont though… cause we are busy like that.
but i guess playing catch up is not too shabby either.



meeeeeeee, the one that you love oh so dearly.



my first ever pavlova!
because she said it was heaven.
if you haven’t had one before, it’s kinda like the top of a meringue (except as it’s base) with lots of cream and whatever toppings they deem fit. sweet sial. i think i’d die if i had to eat it all on my own.
or maybe i wouldn’t and it only felt that way because we had wayy too much before desserts. lol



the pavlova and me with ruth’s useless sweater on :P

thanks for the dinner, hon
love you ♥

and hope your heels are not killing you! :D

went to san francisco steak house to try and make a reservation afterwards and the conversation was as follows…

me: hi, i was wondering if i could make dinner reservations for about 10?
waiter: yes, sure. today, miss?
me: er, no. for tomorrow evening.
waiter: oh… sorry miss, today is our last day. we are closing down tomorrow.
[long pause]
me: oh. 


and so… had to scrap plans for dinner there the next day…


just my luck.


joined jess a while later for…


which was exceptionally good!
toothless was adorable and looked totally like marmite (my cat) but chuihua refuses to admit it :P
i have, however, decided i do not like 3D movies.
hurts the nose/head and makes me dizzy. bleh
i did give it a whole 3 tries before, so i think i can honestly say i’ve seen it all.
front, back, middle, side, centre.
still dizzy!


1st April 

dinner and bowling with the pharmacy girls + roomie(zy) + free1(kky)


fountain hadn’t shot up yet :(
from left: qliang, chuihua, plh, sue, silly, kyy, huili, zy
first time seeing everyone from sue’s height! ahahaha.
i’m wearing like four inch heels and she’s what, in flats?!


an early dinner at fridays in the gardens because sanfran didn’t quite work out.



on the phone, thanking someone for the birthday wishes. i forgot who o.0
but thank you everyone who called, esp seth all the way from uk :D



roomies~ <3
i’m awake when she’s asleep and she’s awake when i’m asleep.
high energy consumption pair. lol



   with plh, my girl from kindergarten days



this girl needs her red meat.
the long beans were really weird though.



with buy1, funwee who was having a bad hair day haha.
what is up with that fringe, girl?
i adore her because she is my level of blur :D



picking out the noms :D



our chocolate chip smoothie’s deformed straw ♥



zy getting excited over curry wantan mee… hahaha



me with the fridays jester hat :P



and… with the complimentary birthday cake that was hard as a rock.
i only went there cause plh promised not to tell them it was my birthday lah but they did anyway and made me stand there like an idiot cause i couldn’t bring myself to sing into the ketchup mike T.T

if you haven’t seen it on fb already,
here’s the video of my birthday wishes :D


seriously lacking in originality la you all!!!
i’m not killing anyone with my singledom, am i?


everyone!, from where i sat.

after dinner, we hopped off to bowl!
haven’t been in years… the last time i bowled, i pretty much just helped the alley clean out their longkang.


swapping heels for bowling shoes :)



all geared up and striking a pose.
that ball, by the way, was too small/light. bloody hell stuck my thumb in there and it wouldn’t come out when i tried to bowl.
T.T broke a nail.



aaand… yup, i’ve still got it.
if one day, you should require me to save your soul via a duel with the devil in a challenge of your choice, do NOT pick bowling. you WILL lose your soul.


or you could pick sue to do the deed :D
she’s goood, and has flair!



qliang, bowler of the day…
looking like an angry sim who hasn’t showered/needs to pee/is sleep deprived.
hahaha, so glad you’ve found your other ‘sense’.



the lot of us :D
thanks for the awesome time, girls!!
and thanks for sticking around til 12 to sing me happy birthday and not dumping me in the pool.
(not like you could have even if you wanted to, i’m too smart for you [taps temple])
much love.
♥ ♥ ♥


my attempt to paint hearts with my birthday night.IMG_2407

2nd April :D


lunch with ju, who came all the way from singapore ♥

at the Garden lifestyle store and cafe in 1u


it’s got cats outside the window,



the most adorable, hedged waiting area…



…pretty, flowery arched doorway and a white baby grand!!!
too bad there wasn’t anyone playing at the time :(



i know, i wanna reach out and sweep my bangs aside too.
but isn’t the place the prettiest??



ju with the faux hydrangeas and tree trunk wtf
(we sat next to a hedge :D)


over the hedge…
bird cages and little pots of flowers for sale.
(also, someone’s leftovers on the table but hey, we’re looking at the deco here, are we not?)


my favourite thing in the whole place… IMG_2418

this was the first page i flipped and i was all ‘oooh, kitty in the corner… i gotta take a picture’
but then i turned the next page…



and there’s moreee!!!
every damn page has a white kitty looking all cute and cuddly with a different flower.



ju’s fave of the lot, looking very waverly-like.
(waverly is our old white-grey calico from like 10 years ago who she named after a character from ‘the joy-luck club’ {good movie!} because it was very fond of waving it’s tail. not that you asked… or wanted to know.)


loves it!
wanted to steal the menu home with me so bad it was like a freakin picture book.
[strokes book dreamily]



the cute jug we were supposed to drink from had a rose topped stirrer :)


 DSC00828 IMG_2425

our sisterly checking-out-pics-in-cam expressions.
is it just us, or is everyone like this?



cute, overpriced garden gnomes/elfs/fairies
(sorry, knowledge of mythical creatures a little lacking)



dessert :)
oh and food was decent.



the lovely ju and of course, lovely me ;)
because it was just the two of us, we don’t have a photo together…

    unless of course,


this qualifies :D
darn cleaning ladies.

love you ju!
take care of yourself kays :)


later at night,


delicious at dua residency.
hahaha i know i know, delicious again??



okay, i am aware it is blur and yes there is a clear picture but i look svelte here so let me be svelte and blur instead of clear and stick-thin can? thankyou.



multitudes of white bird-cage lights everywhere~


trees outside the window.
reflections in the glass.


under mr jeff instead of ms jess
someone needs their ears cleaned.

early, like a good host

not that i wanted to,
ywk was all paranoid and said jln tun razak will jam until ki siao so we left super early.
it was in fact very jam but we left a little too early :S


i don’t do alcohol though, it makes me ugly and sleepy. 
or uglier and sleepier if you wanna be mean like that.



pow and cy



zin, ywk, ky



me ky ika



girls will be girls



teo nomming with much gusto



plus ika dear :D
she’s too tall… got her head half cropped. haha



the other end of the table, my girls, their boys and hayden



the 13 year bestie



hayden and xiaobi who fed the giraffe a mint leaf! lol



someone’s salmon
was very yum!


girlssss :D



my steak ♥



the lovely plh, broke from all the birthday celebrations :D


another one of me and ell.
because good hair days cannot go undocumented :)
i wanted to curl it today actually but fucker ywk was giving me pressure ~_~



more cagey pictures!
the place has a very nice feel to it… later in the night, they even had a live band sing in the corner with the sofas… very chill. me likey :D



with my beard papa croqeunbouche :D
because cream puffs are love.


‘omg… never thought it would turn out so ugly!’
lol… and i think cream puffs taste their best when fresh :P
but thank you for the effort :D


blowing out the candles while the brownie swims in melted ice cream and chocolate sauce.


the seafoods
minus tako (wish you were there)


my hengdais
minus yc (who’s birthday is tomorrow:D)
and their plus ones (ky, you’re my plus one![hugs])


top from left: cy, pow, teo, huiyi, zin, ywk, ky, jess, che, weishyan
bottom from left: plh, jw, birthday girl, ell, alex, hayden

saranghae everyone!
thanks for the people who made it there from distant lands.
(jw n zin from singapore ♥ ♥, pow n ky from upm ♥, cy from sk ♥, teo n huiyi from semenyih ♥)
♥ ♥ ♥ really appreciate it, guys ♥ ♥ ♥
you know i love you all.

3rd April

guess where??



okay sorry if you’re getting bored of hearing me blog about malacca again and again… haha

i just really love it.
it’s so… quaint but touristy and happy at the same time. i dunno, can’t really explain it.


lunch at the chain store chicken rice ball place.
that is some grand wallpaper!


close up of the wallpaper people going about their daily lives of hanging out in suspended motion.
the gang in the porch/hallway are so totally bitching about whoever is inside the room lah, you can just see it in their faces.



my people gorging themselves on balls, chicken rice balls.
which where pretty good actually… not that i’m some food connoisseur or anything.

i like the place cause you don’t have to line up crazy long like at the corner shop before jonker walk. and cause they have air-conditioning (win!) plus a themed interior :D

what’s  the theme?

yes you guessed it…

ancient china, woohoo!



on ground floor with plh with a phoenix and a dragon.
(chinese dragons blow wind water ambiguous blue swirls, not fire)



inspecting authenticity with sheer archaeological expertise.
now these people made an effort. i’ll pay for that.



dining area upstairs where you can hold period dinner parties.
creepy ambience, complete with attached bathroom! (porcelain bathtub and sink o.0)
bathroom door, however, is missing in action.



windows from the second floor overlooking the courtyard.
courtyardS! ♥



in case you missed the memo,
i love courtyards.



modern antique. it’s the details!
wonder what the key looks like? :)



zin unlocking the doors into the study (as i was told, not that i can read signboards. boo) as plh documents in anticipation…


…and venturing into NARNIA (ancient china beta edition)
or or or it could be doraemon’s dokodemo door/pintu mana-mana (pariah immobile edition)

hahaha. props to the ID people who made the back wall look like it could potentially lead somewhere.



helloooo grandeur.



now get me those fresh lychees, you worthless subjects!
[waves thin air off dismissively]
or it’s off with your heads!!!
50 dai ban!
chu nei gao juk!!
your fingers gaogao!!!


next up,


outside my favourite jonker88 museum cafe which has awesome cendol and baba laksa.
sadly, it was full to the brim brim T.T

so we went a-hunting elsewhere…


the goods at bibik cendol house.
no feel, few choices and boleh saja.
but malacca cendol, is malacca cendol!


and… right after,


boldly going where plenty have gone before…
baba charlie for nonya kuih.
they must have some serious secret ingredients in there, what with the glass shards deco going on.
this shot like damn artsy la, love it :D

because we are gluttons and this is a makan trip, we are entitled to nom non-stop.
don’t judge!

you’re just jealous anyway :P



at Nadeje near Dataran Pahlawan


apparently nadeje (pronounced najii {forvo say wan, not me}) means ‘hope’ in czech. googled because i’m a google-er. which is a good thing because, see, now you wont think ‘what a weird, horrid sounding name’ but instead actually be able to appreciate their effort to sound classy. what i don’t know is why the name is in czech when mille crepe is vaguely french. mo la kang.


ywk didi with plh jiejie


 IMG_2585 IMG_2583 IMG_2587 

the yummers: raspberry, chocolate-orange and vanilla.
raspberry’s the best :)

we actually tried the ones at food foundry last month in our search for mille crepe (as it’s name suggests, is a thousand layers of crepe sandwiching cream in between. okay maybe not ‘a thousand’ lah… more like thirty? wow my blog is suddenly very informative). the one’s at food foundry have thicker crepe layers, while nadeje’s has thinner ones which melt in your mouth! hahaha actually, they don’t but that’s what all the food critics like to say when they talk about yummy creamy food so… heh. their drinks are crap btw. definitely ordering something they can’t screw up next time.


zin and i with the cakes/crepes!
they are love.
i NEED to go back for more.

qliang says there’s green tea flavour.



headed home in the pouring rain.




you’re probably sick of hearing it by the end of this post, but really… thanks for all the wishes and just being there.
the texts, the calls, the fb wall posts, the screams in my face, the hugs and the love.

do i feel any different from when i was 21?
no, not really… finally feels like i’m moving into my twenties now though.
and you know what? i’m perfectly okay with that :)


- ♥ -


chiz..han said...

Xinli's blogging style!!!
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xinli said...

haha perasan-king

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xinli said...

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Liz ^^, said...

Looks like you had a great bday ! Yo, I love the places you went to. Oh, oohhhh know what else I love?? Your dresses ! So pwetty !! Where'd you get them??? *jealous*