Sunday, May 30, 2010

13 years ago,


i wrote a book.

a book with 10 whole chapters. (granted, each chapter consists of approx 3 pages)

and that book was entitled : PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON : dragon’s rest


written and illustrated by Xinli Lim.
spring 1997.


it was a school project which involved a computer game we had to play and later write into a story so that every kid in class had their very own version of PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON. it was sort of a creative writing slash world civilisation lesson. that’s british education for you. learn and play… like how we made plaster mummies for our study on ancient egypt. good times :)

had pretty much forgotten about its existence until my mom found it while cleaning up some old junk… and we had a ball reading through it.

have you ever read anything you’ve written some 10 years ago?

i find it quite amusing in itself… to see how your mind ticked as a child of 9.

…oh and also how you used to draw.
illustration skills leave much to be desired… but hey, i was nine. give me a break.
the makings of a future artist perhaps?

from left: natalie, jessica, alex, lindsay, xinli, joanne
and a random duck which i believe is placed there to enhance the visualisation of a pond we were supposedly standing on the banks of.
the picture wasn’t captioned at all, so my recognition of the characters has to count for something. my excellent drawing skills? or perhaps the good memory?


i also had impeccably neat cursive handwriting, which occasionally had tops slanting left for some reason.

the synopsis?
six friends on an adventure in search of the elusive Puff, after facing a multitude of magical tasks and riddles, finally save the day and Puff’s life.

wanna read the first chapter??
(complete with spelling and grammatical errors in its original form, for your amusement. i did however put paragraphs in cause beh tahan the continuous rambling.)


Tuesday 28th January.
Chapter I : The Mysterious Letter

It all began when i was playing with Joanne. She asked me if i wanted to go to Hong Kong with her.

Of course I said “Yes”.

Joanne’s dad said she could bring 5 friends with her. I was one of them, Jessica and Alex was and so was Lindsay and Natalie.

We went on the plane. It took us 16 hours to reach Hong Kong. We landed safely. Me and Joanne’s friends went out of the plane and took a taxi to Joanne’s family house in Hong Kong.

All of Joanne’s friends couldn’t talk Chinese so we all had to talk english.

I and Joanne woke up so we went to see if anybody was awake only Joanne’s friends were awake so we changed our clothes and decided to have a walk.

We were only half way round the park when I spotted a bottle there was a litter bin nearby so I took the bottle out of the pond.

I was about to throw the bottle in the bin when Jessica said “ wait there’s a paper in it.”

So I took out the paper and read it. It said this:

Dragons Rest,
Misty Wood,

Dear Friend,

In the year of the snake it was very hot and dry. it was far too hot for dragon’s food to grow. All my friends died. Now there’s only me left.

Please find me and help me to survive!

Good luck and good bye

from Puff

I said “ from Puff? It sounds like a dragon’s name.”

So we decided to find the dragon.


… and there you have it!
the first chapter came with an illustration of the protagonists (the sextet and the duck) as shown above.

i personally think it’s hilarious. i was clearly a very good kid, picking rubbish out of ponds to dispose of properly and all… and ‘All my friends died.’ man, that is dark! oh plus how the hell does Puff sound like a dragon?? it could be a caterpillar for all you know! haha but admittedly, i do quite fancy the way i ended it. kinda ominous and altogether very … determined?

anyway, the teacher gave me a tick and commented “an interesting beginning xinli”

would you like to read the next chapter?
(it introduces yet another character… the antagonist! and ends with a coloured drawing of yours truly ;))


- she wrote -


seah said...

OMG i love u xinli!! u rox even since when u're 9! borrow me the book!

Liz ^^, said...

Awwww. So cute. That is sooo cool ! Makes me wish I had written my very own book when I was nine so I can preserve my 9-year-old self ! :P
The book is definitely looking awesomeeeee !!!! :)
Please pleaseeeeee DO put up chapter 2 !!! (Illustrations are priceless !!!) :D

xinli said...

seah! hahaha

ah but you have a published book to preserve your teen self :P

chapter two will be up when i get home in a couple of days! :D

Liz ^^, said...

Eh, no la. Stories. Not book. :)
Don't you think that education overseas is waaayyyy more interesting? :D

jess a.k.a. yp said...

adorable you! be it 9 yrs old or 13 yrs later! ah li.! and your cursive handwriting, very nice. were you all trained to write cursive since young?? proooo. :)

xinli said...


why thank you :) *bashful*bashful*
writing in print was forbidden! lol... it took me awhile to learn the cursive :)