Thursday, May 13, 2010

laze mode ON


it’s full on lazing from here on out (until saturday… boo). 3 days in and can’t begin to tell you how much i’m LOVING it. granted, i do feel like i might be wasting my time away… but hey, you don’t get chances like this very often okay? i deserve it. shut up.


it’s awesome.

especially when it rains… which is pretty much every day :)  even thirty minute drizzles cheer me up. i have this thing for the rain. it’s called <3 hahaha.

plus can proudly say i’m recovering from my CRD (compulsive refreshing disorder) which i think is from the exams. i just instinctively hit the f5 key every 5 minutes you know? and this is for every other tab i have open because i was just dying for a distraction.

it’s like last chinese new year when i was on an almost complete packaged drink hydration programme (i drank too much yeo’s for my own good), i naturally shook any drink i picked up. i’ve lost count of the number of times i shook a can of soft drink only to realise wtf am i doing. wasn’t daft enough to have sprayed foam all over myself though, thank goodness.

i digress. heck, i can’t even remember what i was going on about.

right, weaning myself off the lappy. have GLEEd myself to sleep deprivation and am now thoroughly gleeful :D also finished the book i was reading, so i’ve nothing to read now. it feels a little empty somehow. been ages since i’ve read fiction and am hungry for more (that wasn’t such a great book though). left with nothing to do, it suddenly occurred to me that i did have something planned!

so inspired by the Vitamin String Quartet (i’m partial to their tributes to coldplay, paramore and mychemicalromance) that got me through studying for AMAN (oh hell), i am determined to learn how to play Viva La Vida on the violin!! yes the violin!!!

…which i have abandoned since last PharmNite. heh. pulled the violin case out from behind the shoe boxes and found it covered with it’s fare share of cobwebby gossamer (and dead spiders wtf). dusted it off outside with some effort and cracked open the case to find my violin somewhat moulding and on it’s way to sprouting fungi on the chin rest . FML. i don’t think it was more than a year!!! anyhoo, the mould was superficial… cleaned it right up :) then i realised my D string was unravelling and leaving dustings of silver all over the the fingerboard. so i guess that one’s shot. took out my spare and even that snapped as i was winding it in. FML lah. what is this???

so here i am, with three strings on a violin, all gung-ho about finally picking it back up and horribly incapacitated. guess it’ll have to wait till i get the missing string. by then, the chicken shit would’ve cooled. bleh.

yeah this is me, documenting this… because you know, if you tell someone about a plan, you’re more likely to see it through than if it were kept to yourself. fingers-crossed, people.

(or if you’d rather i didn’t terrorize the neighbours with screechy violin music, pray i give up before i do get around to buying the string)


p.s. shall blog about all the movies i’ve watched soonish :D and know that an anticipatory blogpost announcement from me is as good as none.


- despotic logorrhea -


Liz ^^, said...

Lazing around as well. It's been 2 weeks. Not gonna be working. I LOVE waking up whenever I want to ! XD
Have Korean dramas, animes to watch and novels to read ! teehee Reading 1984 by George Orwell atm. Interestinggg :P

We deserve our holidays, so why should we NOT laze around and do nothing. Eh? XD

xinli said...

waking up whenever i want to usually means after noon. lol

lazing ftw! :D

Liz ^^, said...

Same here. Most of the time, I automatically wake up at like, 11-ish. But once, I woke up at 1.00 pm. Aheh. Cos I slept at 4.00 am previous night reading 1984 XD