Sunday, June 13, 2010

of caves and spiders



so people, here’s chapter two. (notes in teal)


(you know i can’t resist the parenthesizing)

Wednesday 29th January.
Chapter II : The Dragon’s Cave

We walked for a while down the path. Then we saw a weeping willow tree. We could have turned left but we turned right. (and to this day, nobody knows what lies beyond the left fork…o.0)

Then we saw a stile. We decided to climb over the stile. (who do you think you are, then-xinli? enid blyton?? stiles… pshhh.)

We saw a path so we walked along it, then we saw a pool there were lots of stepping stones. Tom was on one of them. (and who is this mysterious tom character?? he had brown curly locks, freckles strewn across his cheeks and the pleasure of sitting opposite me in class.)

He told us that we had to put the right number on the right stepping stone. We thought it would be fun so we tried. It was fun until we got one number wrong and Tom pushed us, one by one, into the pool. (talk about extreme games.)

We screamed alot and Tom said he had an earache. (bloody well deserved if i might add.)

We saw some snow on top at the mountains so Lindsay said, “Let’s try again.” (errr… oookay. what does snow have to do with anything?)

So we did. We had four turns. Then we got them all right.

We turned around and said, “We’ve done it.” and pushed Tom down into the pool. (woohoo!)

We hurried across the stepping stones before Tom was out of the pool. We ran straight up the mountain. Then we made snow bowls (balls. i meant balls.) and little snowmans. (men. god i’m adorable.)

Natalie found an umbrella, so she said, "Come on I found an umbrella. We can play with it.”

So we went to Natalie and played with it. We put snow into the umbrella and made it into a garden. Then we emtied it out and took turns sliding in the umbrella down the moutain. (okay, in my defense ‘mountain’ is a pretty confusing word to join in cursive. sliding down a snow-topped mountain in an umbrella sounds hella fun though, no?)

Then we went down the mountain and crossed the stepping stones by pushing Tom in the water again. (girl power!)

Then we saw a cave so we decided to explore it (adventurous~) . In the cave we saw a huge spider’s web and a enormous black spider dangling down from the web.


(oh the horror!!! did i mention the spider was hairy???)

We screamed together (most likely a collective piercing shriek, in true girlish fashion) but then we managed to go round the spider. Then we saw a can of oil so we picked it up because we thought it might come in handy (like we might have to torch a building/person or fry an omelette in the near future. read on to find out ;)).

After the can of oil we could see a dark hole so we looked in it and then the earth round the hole crumbled and we fell down……… down……… down………


(blue spiral tie-dye-esque top with purple pants?? are you serious then-xinli?! o.0 i suppose it does make my eyes pop, albeit in horror.)

it’s a mystery cum thriller, folks!

berserta cliffhanger lagi tu!! stay tuned for chapter three…

p.s. chapter one here :)


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the brollie jump



amidst the dust, the cleaning, the aggravations and procrastination of coursework and prior obligations alike…

one finds such splendid joys as discovering a moment of whimsy lost in time.



my dad.
circa when-bell-bottoms-were-first-trendy-and-pictures-had-rounded-corners


- the sky. it has always been blue -