Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hello you.


i’ve missed tapping these keys and seeing the little alphabets march across the yellow screen :)

it’s oddly comforting, the silent drum of fingers on plastic keys. i rather like it… (though not enough to pursue a career in data entry.)

have you missed me, dear blog?

… as i have you?

moments come and go when i think to myself, “hey i’m gonna go blog about this” but then i don’t… because, well… i am me after all. i hope you understand.

so here i am, returning from my month-long hiatus. somewhat complacent, yet buzzing with things to be.

it’s a tuesday night, my second day of the semester… and it’s growing on me :)


p.s. this started out as an attempt to tell you everything, but i realised after sifting through my pictures… i can’t do that. i want to tell so much. too much, in fact. it won’t be tuesday anymore… well it technically wasn’t to begin with but hell, i’m gonna take ages.


- forgetmenot -

1 comment:

Liz ^^, said...

It's definitely been a while.

Well, I'VE missed you !!! :D