Wednesday, July 28, 2010

it’s warm and fuzzy


keeping with the title (of which i’m not sure anybody reads really),

here’s todays laundry.


it looked kinda cute on the bed so i couldn’t resist.


and speaking of cute,


my pajamas match my bedsheets too :D


but wait, we’re talking about warm and fuzzy right?

that’s how i feel like inside :D

here’s my weekend in a couple of pics.
not exactly concise but short nonetheless.


she who has inspired so many to get their teeth braced. lol.
here’s us flashing our wallace-and-gromit smiles.
friends forever yeah <3

am so glad for the weekend with the seafoods.
took my mind off loads.


the two speckies
(ika and kani)
at zouk cafe (crap don’t go there)



am making eyes at the most adorable kid on earth (as of now lah)



pictured is xiaobi attempting to eat gingy over lunch :D
so flippin adorable, i tell you, it takes all the willpower in the world to refrain from pinching his cheeks every 5 minutes. it’s unfathomable why he isn’t in a commercial yet!



   polaroids from the weekend :D
and those little animal cutouts are the most amazing silicone bands ever!
(okay well in retrospect, they’re just rubber bands… but but rubber bands that retain their shapes!!!)
like string to a cat.


am with xiaobi and his umah, datin leong.



the lot of us (minus dear jw) at minkok
dimsum in the morning before sending am off back to melb



happy birthday am <3
and thanks for making my weekend, seafoods.


next up, the identical birthdays :D

see ya’ll soon.

- cyanide bullets -

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