Friday, July 30, 2010

a little steam


so this is me, trying to be a blogging blogger, blogging out yesterday :D
a day late, you might argue, but a vast improvement on my part eh?

anyway what really happened yesterday that involved steam was…


i had a piping hot peppery pepperlunch.


say it.
it’s a fun word to say :)
peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

yes, i am sane.

have you ever wondered though, what peter piper was doing picking peppers instead of playing his pipe? and do you think he could be related to the pied piper of hamelin?? or rather, is piper his last name or merely a description of his occupation? or both, as in the case of the smiths, which brings us back to the bewildering idea of a pepper-picking piper…

you’re not the least bit intrigued are you?


would you like to know who salt is then?


i could tell you, but i wont.
what i will tell you, however, is that this is a movie for fans of jolie… possibly exclusively so, at that.
it’s one of those movies where the protagonist gets a million close ups and kicks so many asses, you lose count – without ever getting seriously hurt. it’s the new age, feminist diehard.
what can i say? i like it.
mostly because i love watching jolie.
no actually, that’s the only reason.
also probably why i didn’t hate ‘wanted’ as much as i should.


i actually searched my blog, the haystack for a post on wanted and discovered that i evidently ‘wanted’ quite a number of things. 32 to be exact.

the post on wanted appears to have been a figment of my imagination though. ohwell.

moving on,

we then grocery shopped and went back to plh’s for the third part of yesterday’s steam
(second part being salt because clearly, angelina jolie is sizzling hot).


steamboat slash potluck slash let’s-eat-anything-we-can-think-of



here’s qliang being the lovely mother that she is, mixing up some drinks.
gotta love that smile :)



and here’s yours truly frying some pancakes.
i can’t believe a bowl of pancake mix is enough to make my veins pop.
sheesh xinli, you gotta work out more.
*lifts dumbbells*



with my mickey pancake!!!
success on first attempt :D
oh and huili’s supposed-shrek.



funwee, the suddenly-health-conscious and  nata de coco



the makeshift steamboat and the hungry savages.



huili pouring out the natalonganribena for everyone.



here’s us with the kyy’s adorable teddy biscuits (which we scarfed down before the meal because we were too hungry to wait for the water to boil *ashamed*).
kinda like the panda biscuits with cream filling except they come in cute packaging and are bears, not pandas. funny how i’ve never seen it before…
must. find. biscuits.



funwee with the pot of crushed oreos and milk.
just kidding.
it was a failed attempt at glutinous rice balls in soya. failed because some of the balls burst and contaminated the soya with black sesame :(
but it still tasted awesome!

when can we have tang yuan again??



the lot of us.


p.s. just wanted to add that the weirdest thing happened on the way back to plh’s.
we happened to enter the basement lift at the same time as a security guard. both of us had our hands full with groceries and was still figuring out how to press the elevator button when the security guard instinctively pressed 14 and 17 upon the doors closing. how the hell did he know what floor we were heading to?? i honestly don’t know whether i should be impressed by his memory or creeped out. you tell me.


- bleep -

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