Saturday, August 28, 2010

could i be


…any more distracted??

sigh, you know how it is when you stare at the same sentence for half an hour just to realise you haven’t really been reading it? i don’t know what it is but i can’t bring myself to focus. so hey :) might as well do something productive right? (yes, this is productive.)

(what do you mean it isn’t??!)

(…can we pretend?)

(no, i’m not talking to myself!!!)


hi, i’m xinli and i’m a parentheses addict.


anywaysss, you don’t wanna hear about the crazy. what have i been doing today? lots :)

for starters, spent the morning at the hospital for my therapeutic drug monitoring attachment doing case studies on paediatric patients… which was interesting. then had a crappy overpriced lunch at the hospital cafeteria, got back, prepped and jess zoomed by to get me so we could have yummy sweet things at MOF.

oddly no pictures of said yummy sweet things probably because, they were too yummy and sweet to remember the camera.
so here’s the next best thing,


a picture of a flyer for a bazaar which is tres cute!
it’s a paperdoll, in case you’re not observant enough…
from ellie who joined us after her class :)


back at jess’, pictured is benji and darrel having a stare competition which lasted for 4.5 secs and resulted in a rabid chase around the garden.

checked out the shopaholic’s korea haul (thanks for the souveniers!) and lazed lots. surprise, surprise… i didn’t pass out on her bed as per usual :)


too busy mucking around with stuff lying around her table. sorry, ws :P

and well, when at jess’, you gather around the mac and discover some new korean fad (some romantic comedy about a nine-tailed fox)…


shit happens to your gadgets :)
3 new additions to cammy (every black cat i could find. okay the middle one isn’t really a cat but the little dude looked like he belonged, i couldn’t say no to those vacant eyes.)

dinner at boonboon (yes someone actually named their cafe that) where we had rubbish chicken chop and drinks. seriously, i’ve been having really bad luck with food lately. save for the murtabak yesterday, nothing’s turned out good at all. i mean come on… boric acid cendol, hard satay, red otak-otak, blah ayam percik, ech cafeteria lunch, semi-frozen shiratama, tasteless soft-serve, tart iced lemon tea…

i worry for tomorrow’s dinner :(


oh and i just stumbled upon this…


virginia kraljevic
is it just me, or do you feel like colouring everytime you see an illustration like this?


- and i wonder why -

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