Sunday, September 12, 2010

australia day 2


over a year late, but for old time’s sake, let’s do this :)

so here it is,
i’ve picked out the day’s pictures and it’s been sitting in my writer for over a day.
(3 days now, because i abandoned this for plh’s day in pd)
i keep flitting between tabs and windows and every single time i come to this one, i stare at it for a while with my fingers hovering above the keyboard before i just give up and move on to another tab.

then again,
what the hell?




first sight of melbourne by day, taken from am’s balcony in the shivering cold.
because i was excited… or i was waiting for jess to get dressed and got bored.
either one is equally probable.



paparazzi shot of the twins, all geared up for some serious retail therapy.
then again, when are they not?



with am <3  



graffiti along the streets.



the state library where loads of people (and birds) chill in the front lawn.



ermm, forgot where this is…



the girls at supre.
something went wrong with the lighting here because it wasn’t really that dark…

and speaking of lighting, i was watching Exam yesterday night and right when i got to the part where White declares he has figured out the question, the movie just ended. about 50 minutes in. i was this close to stabbing myself out of frustration. this is what happens when you cancel transfers halfway and forget about it. if you’re wondering, it’s a good movie (the first 50 minutes imply so anyway, don’t take my word for it. the ending might possibly be very lame.)



the same place by night.
there was some discrepancy in timeline and daylight (like why was i having dinner so late after dark and why was there still so much done after dinner?? dude, what time did we sleep?!) so i checked the time the pictures were taken and this was at 5.07pm o.0
man i was in pd yesterday and the blistering sun still hadn’t set by seven!


IMG_1295 IMG_1298

a pretty looking grand building which i can’t remember the name of nor am willing to google.
but rest assured, i once knew… thanks to am being a proper guide.



five twenty p.m.
everyone walks here.



me being all jakun about the roadside florist (like in the movies!)



a horse-drawn carriage!!!
…one of the many that we passed by.



a touristy shot with the jesses in front of the state library
…before we went off to dinner? doesn’t really make sense in my head, but i’ll trust the
picture timeline rather than my sketchy geographic memory of melbourne.



i was actually trying to get one of the ambience in this burger place (i googled, it’s Grill’d! and yummy) in
Melbourne Central when this guy just stood up and shelled his head with the light fixture. if you’ll notice, he busted the lightbulb. tall people have a whole lot more hazards just waiting around to get knocked into… but of course, this is significantly better than having to smell armpits in a crowded ktm/bus. neither of which is applicable to us people of average height :P count yourself lucky.



juice that tries to guilt you into drinking more.
pushing it.



distracting am at her game :)



met up with ruth and liyin for dinner.
which was mostly burgers and chips, not timtams (am not saying they are not awesome).

after which we walked back to liyin and ruth’s place where hwalik and weishyan joined us.
…or did they have dinner with us?? i can’t remember. nevermind.



the twin hauls from supre.



jess and her default weapon at work removing tags.
seriously, she will set her teeth to anything you can’t open with your bare hands.
it’s like a swiss army knife in there.
can’t say i haven’t benefitted from this :P


it was a pretty lax first day,
hung out at their place doing a bunch of silly stuff like arm-wrestling, speed shoelace munching and marshmallow tossing… just to name a few. haha

(that i am too lazy to caption :))



IMG_1378    IMG_0749 IMG_0740IMG_1405    IMG_0746

heh… good times :)



the melbourne bath house.
out on the deserted streets.
close to ten pm.
renegade grocery shopping.



the ever fierce liyin and ever odd am.
honestly now, do you know anyone who can look that fierce in a supermarket?



jessmine balancing a cute mini bottle of vitagen on her head,
for kicks.



loading up on timtams.
shit i really feel like some now :(


IMG_0778  IMG_1431  IMG_0780 IMG_0786

out and about.
at this point, it felt like we were wandering around a deserted town.



passed the library again…
the third time that day? fourth??



(cropped most of liyin out of this one cause she looked a little creepy. lol sorry!)



aaaaand that’s the end of day one.

day1 here.


- the pool, the bubbles and the moon -

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