Thursday, September 9, 2010

love this

so thought i might share this little piece of whimsical nonsense with you.

Al eat ye’ rations.
as found on thewildtype.
doesn’t really have the visual impact that it does on the wordpress itself, so go ahead and click in :)

always answer amazingly amidst adversity

before bedtime belittle beautiful babies

carefully carry collared chemical cretins

distrust dangerous devils dangling desserts

envy everything equally even evil

forever find folly fully fulfilling

gladly garner great golden goodness

harass horrendous hated heathens heartily

ill idiots isolate independent intelligence

jovially judge jumping jesters justly

kind kites killed kimonoed kings

laugh loud like licked lizards

mock mighty marvels most mercifully

nine naughty nimrods negotiated nimbly

omit opened orange ordered ornaments

proudly protect purple palsied pigeons

queen quack quietly quit quilting

readily riddle red rodent resentments

speak super sexy silky siren

trick tormented turtles twice together

under used udders utter unjusts

verily vent vile vexation viciously

wonder whether white weather withers

xong xong xong xong xong

yell yellow yearly yodels yonder

zap zero zesty zebra zealots


- and i say xong to you too -

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