Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pink skies, green toothpaste


first day back after two whole weeks of hardcore sedentary raya.
and it’s a good day. why?

  1. woke up late for my 8am lecture but made it out in record time.
  2. totally smooth crossing over. the lights turned green before i made it to the curb but the traffic police were around. lights overruled :)
  3. the animal labs didn’t reek of shit.
  4. glass doors to the hallway leading to DK6 weren’t locked (they normally need to be beeped and we don’t have the access).
  5. test review bore relatively good news. (still did crap but revealed chances of logic marks)
  6. didn’t fall asleep in biostatistics.
  7. awesome nap afterwards.
  8. overnapped and missed my ride but the weather was nice and still made it in time to science fac in all but fifteen minutes.
  9. had my lovely kulis with me to ferry stuff over to medfac. (what would one do without friends like these?)
  10. the pool was practically empty.
  11. bread was fresh (normally isn’t), albeit high5. gardenia so kicks their ass, i don’t know why the shop opts for the former.
  12. super long awesome shower.
  13. timely takeout (and lucky too, because i ordered too late and they didn’t reply as per usual).
  14. free delivery for event souvenirs out of the kindness of the guy’s heart and my niceness, most likely.

but evidently lady luck has cinderella issues and more pressing matters to attend to elsewhere because after 12 i shut the door on my own finger.


- cereal -

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