Saturday, October 16, 2010

LucĂ­a, Luis y el lobo

stumbled upon the haunting lucia in the filmfest spotlights, and in a state of confusion, it led me to luis.
there’s something about a language so foreign to my ears that ups the creep factor.
kinda like pan’s labyrinth (which i also loved).
i’ll let you figure it out on your own :)
kay, back to the books.
p.s. i maxed it out for my page, but really it’s best seen in HD, fullscreen :D
- la casa lobo next? -

Friday, October 8, 2010



scrolling down my reader, i chanced upon this in laihui’s blog:

being alone in my room, i read it aloud. i sometimes do that… just to listen to the words.

a seemingly candid, unassuming account.

yet somehow towards the end, i shocked myself when i realised i had a lump in my throat and heard my voice breaking up.

read it.

i trust we all hope to find that some time in our lives.


- breeze -