Wednesday, December 15, 2010

il dolce far niente


third day home.

haven’t gotten anything done; not that i had planned out anything.

pleasant weather lately, cool but sunny… threatening rain without the gloom, nor actually seeing it through to much more than a light drizzle.

have spent my noons plopped in front of the lappy, mildly sedated with lunch (often my first meal of the day), flitting through my current tv series drill: GREEK, chosen only because i was bored one day and it was in the ‘Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking’ list in right next to Smallville and Supernatural. to be honest, it doesn’t quite measure up eye-candy wise but it’s a good show for mindless passing of time (if you’re into that sort of thing). come to think of it, doesn’t take much to get me hooked… i watched six seasons of Weeds because i really liked the opening theme song and the fact that they got a different band/singer to do a cover of it almost every episode.

Notelittle boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky, little boxes, little boxes, little boxes, all the same. Note

yeah. i have no idea why i like it, i just do.


evenings, mostly on the garden swing; feet propped up, book in hand, hair spilling over my shoulders.

hair i am about to chop at least 5 inches off of. i got a little traumatised by stress induced hair-dropping… that, coupled with the sheer length of it is just too much. i once ran my fingers through my hair and came off with something that looked like it could nearly pass for a chemo patient clump. i exaggerate, but it was still scary. imagine if i keep getting freaked out by the amount of hair i’m dropping, get even more stressed out about hair-loss and lose more hair because of that. it’s a vicious cycle. if you collected the entire mass of fallen hair off my bedroom floor throughout the past month, you could probably make a pillow case out of it with a thread count of more than 500.

hair aside, evenings out on the swing are nice. chirping birds, breezes, the scent of jasmine blossoms, the odd startled squirrel, a lazing cat… that whole deal =)


nights, bountiful snacking. latest love, Milky Way Midnight. dark and sweet <3 
other times i stick with cream cheese and crackers. it never fails to remind me of wallace and gromit, then that plastic sheep figurine from a cereal box, then england… *wistful*


- the sweetness of doing nothing -


Liz ^^, said...

Cutting your hair? Mannnn. haha But I think short hair will suit you well :D (I guess I'm the only person in the world short hair does NOT suit ! =.=)

Ahaha, I've heard that song before, though I've never watched the series. "Little boxes.." it has extremely high likelihood factor to repeat and repeat, over and over in your head ! (Happened to me the first time I heard it on a friend's lappie. >.<)

Now you've gone and reminded me. Darn.

Ahaha, hols just started for you. But I'm going back to UKM this Sunday already T.T

xinli said...

well at least it's better than oligo oligo~


i can't remember ever seeing you with short hair... i'd ask you to try but i love your curls =D

and quit the sadface, i trust you'll have fun just about anywhere =)